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package icon AvrLogger
Developer: BigRonin
Version: 1.0.9-005 Firmware: 6.0-7321 and onward
Last update: 30/09/2019 Size: 829.44 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
See what's going on on your DiskStation at a glance. Monitor Temperatures, System Load, Network- and Storage I/O throughput, Memory utilization, Internet speed and manage Fan settings.
Version 1.0.9 :
- Bug fixes:
- In rare cases, the read of the "synosmtp.conf" caused a crash.

- Bug fixes:
- In rare cases, the error page of AvrLogger was erroneously displayed.
- It could happen that the speed test was executed several times and never ended.

- New: In "Config", under "Archiving and Backup", it is checked immediately after entry whether the path or
folder is valid and, if necessary, a note is issued.
- New: In "Config", under "CSV Long-term recording", a longterm log in the form of a CSV file can be activated.
You can choose between day (start at 0:00), week (start every Monday at 0:00) and month (start at the
1st of a month at 0:00).
- The up / down arrows for the Storage I/O exchanged.
- Bug fixes:
- The cron jobs were not updated in hibernation mode.
- The speed test could not be performed in the UI.
- In the settings under "Legend", the select box "Break at" was shown or hidden at the wrong time.

- The long-term log assumes that a valid archive folder has been entered in "Archiving and Backup".

- New: In "Chart" the display order (z-index) of the plot lines can be changed.
- New: In "Config" and "Alarm" the selected e-mail address is displayed.
- New: In "Legend" the arrangement "Split" can now be selected for the "Origin".
With "Split" the labels are displayed on the right and left side of their corresponding axes.
- New: Parts of the user interface, structure and response speed to inputs improved.
- New: Error page and safety note.

- The accuracy of the RAM calculation, on different DiskStation's, improved.
- The user and rights query completely rewritten, this improves the response times of the user interface.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when manual the "scemd.xml" was changed.
- New: At the push of a button, in the "fan control", the parameters can be "reinitialized".
This may be necessary if in the meantime the "scemd.xml" has been changed manually.
- New: AvrLogger contains under the settings "Sources" the support for a speed test.
After the installation, "Speed" can be selected as the source under "Network I/O".
- New: Showing / hiding the notes has received its own switch.
- New: During an uninstall, you can now choose whether to restore the "scemd.xml".
- New: AvrLogger is no longer stopped during a backup.
- New: The "Save" function in "Manage" now displays a detailed, readable LOG.
- New: The notification settings of the individual plotting lines have their own "Alarm" tab.
- New: For each plot line, you can select separately, a style, width and Opacity.

- The "ping" of the speed test is scaled by a "factor of 0.1" and is assigned to the "Network I/O" axis.
Example: A ping of "50ms" is displayed at "5.0 MiB/s".
- If this was an "update", the database will be deleted "once" on the first start.
- Because of a changed handling of the "scemd.xml", all fan settings are reset to "Default".
Please make your settings again.

Version 1.0.8 :
- The "without Intel-CPU" bug was persistent and unfortunately had struck again in the last version.
But is fixed now.

- Fixed a bug that resulted in an error message when a TimeOut occurred in the user interface.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash on DiskStations "without" an "Intel"-CPU while determining the RAM size.
- New: User query and rights detection integrated:
- "Administrator" has full rights.
- "User" with AvrLogger privilege can see the status and LOG.
- "Others" are denied access to AvrLogger.
- New: AvrLogger now supports "Backup & Replication":
- The Database, AvrLogger-Config and user configurations are backed up or restored.

- AvrLogger will be stopped temporarily during a backup or restore.
That will, if the switch "Clear DB" is on, clear the database!

- Parts of the user interface accelerated.
- The switch "Advanced mode" now hides the hints.
- In the notifications, the label is now used as the identifier instead of the "internal" name.
- New: The selection listen (Drop-Down) in the user interface supports now also multiple languages.
- New: As "storage device" the "swap" partition can now be selected as a source.
- New: "Always log" switch in "Config" -> "Advanced Settings".
- New: In "Sources" -> "Memory (RAM) usage" a part of the memory usage can be selected as a source.
- Finally swept the room and brought out the trash.

- If this was an "update", the database will be deleted "once" on the first start.
- By a number-turn the fan settings "high" and "low" in the attitudes were exchanged. This concerns DiskStation
which uses a PWM control and can be recognized by the fact that for the different settings "only" a value can
be set. If your DiskStation is affected, you should check the two values and correct them if necessary.

- Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the Cron-Job not to be updated.
- Fixed a bug that caused falsely an empty entry of an archive folder to be recognized as valid.
- The use of a RamDisk (shared memory) can now be deactivated during the installation or an update.
To prevent data loss, data and settings are stored in a separate "safe" and restored as needed
with the status of the last start.
- New: If a valid archive folder has been specified, the current settings can now be saved in
"Manage" at the touch of a button.
- New: When "AvrLogger" is called for the first time, after the installation or an update, the "News"
will be displayed.

- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using the "Clear DB" feature.
- Due to a possible error, the use of Shared Memory (/dev/shm/) has been disabled.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an incomplete error message when detecting an external
ambient sensor.
- Small adjustments in the email status report, serial number of the DiskStation added.
- Some, small improvements in the user interface :
- The user interface now fully supports multiple languages.
- Changed the icon for hint text.
- The "Clear" button in the LOG is moved to the left side so that the button always can be reached.
- History function removed.
- New: The ability to send a "status report" test e-mail integrated.
- New: "Fan" control integrated, with the ability manage Fan settings (modifying the scemd.xml).
No "restart" of the DiskStation necessary, only the "scemd" service will be restarted.

- This function is experimental and a correct functioning can not be guaranteed.
It is strongly recommended create an archiving folder and save the current settings once or manually
make a copy of "/usr/syno/etc.defaults/scemd.xml" before first use.
>> The use is at your own risk. <<

- If you notice any issues, please uninstall AvrLogger. AvrLogger will then try to restore the original "scemd.xml".
- If the issues persist, please go to :
>> https://luenepiet.de/public/Synology/AvrLogger%20(SPK)/scemd/ <<
and download the matching "scemd.xml" for your DiskStation. Rename the File to "scemd.xml",
copy the "scemd.xml" to /usr/syno/etc/ "and" /usr/syno/etc.defaults/ then restart your DiskStation.

- In Hibernation Mode, changes to the fan settings are not accepted until the Hibernation Mode has ended.
- For security reasons, Fan settings for Alarm and Shutdown are not available.
- AvrLogger cannot manage Fan settings on a few DiskStations :
- DS111, DS112j, DS114, DS115, DS115j, DS116, DS119j
- DS211, DS211j, DS212j, DS213j, DS214se, DS215j, DS216, DS216j, DS216play, DS216se, DS218j, DS2411+, DS2413+
- DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, DS413j, DS414j, DS414slim, DS416j, DS416slim, DS419slim
- FS3017, NVR1218, NVR216
- RS212, RS214, RS217, RS2211, RS2211RP+, RS2212+, RS2212RP+
- RS3411RPxs, RS3411xs, RS3412RPxs, RS3412xs
- RS411
- RS812, RS816
- In a virtual environment (VirtualDSM or DDSM), a DS918+ is emulated.

- Added some more information to the email status report.
- Alert mechanism optimized, no duplicate alerts. Changes in the settings no longer reset alerts.
- New: In the legend, for I/O devices, a up- / down arrow sign added.

- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the first decimal place to not be displayed on the axis values.

- General stability improvements.

- Fixed a bug that prevented sending the status report email.
- Fixed a bug that prevented hibernation mode.

- Fixed a bug that queried a non-existent sensor by a wrong comparison and caused a crash.

- During an update, a config file was not copied and the Alert linechart was not created in the LOG.

- Grid settings, for Timeline 48 and 168 hours, adjusted.
- New: For each selected plotline (value) a notification can be turned on :
- DSM notification.
- Email notification.
- Push notification via Pushbullet.
- New: Daily / Weekly / Monthly status report notification via Email.

- The email status report and email notification is only available if the notification function of the
DSM has been correctly set up in the Control Panel.

- Added support for SNMPv3.
- The scaling value of the environmental sensor can be selected.

- Improved communication (signal handling) between the user interface and the daemon.
Occasionally the "Busy" hint was not displayed or removed with delay.
- Bug fixed that occasionally caused the "Legend On / Off" switch to not be recognized properly.
- Bug fixed which in some cases resulted in a "Linux kernel error" and AvrLogger crash.
- "Frequency"-Profiles retuned: All settings now polles the values much less frequently.
- New Color Scheme: "Note Paper" & "Windows"

- AvrLogger v1.0.8 has left the beta stage.
- Integrated multi-language support.
- Help texts tidied up and reduced to the essentials.
- Bug fixed that caused the settings not be updated with an empty database.
- Bug fixed that caused "offline time" to be incorrectly replicated when "Real time" was active.
- New tab "Manage" :All templates and configuration management are summarized here centrally.

-001 beta:
- "AvrLogger" has been completely rewritten.
- AvrLogger can now be installed on virtual systems with limited functionality.
- Prepared multi-language support.
- Installation- / Update process accelerated.
- If present, AvrLogger will use a "shared memory" (RAM Disk).
- Usability of the user interface improved.
- User interface restructured and distributed in several tabs.
- CPU load between polling values eliminated.
- The accuracy of the calculation of Network- and Storage-I/O values improved.
- New color scheme "Dark-2" added.
- New automatic scaling function implemented.
- New selection of the polling "Frequency" for the values determination.
- New selection of the Database "Size".

- With the two settings for the "Frequency" and database "Size", it is now easier to set a system
load and the accuracy of the LineChart according to your own requirements.
- In general, smaller values reduce the utilization of the DiskStation. However, smaller values
also reduce accuracy.

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 Comments (5)
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  1. Oliver wrote on Sep 09, 2019 at 09:59 PM

    Hi, I've got a RS2418+ and after installing the 10GBe network card, the fans are factory stuck in "full" mode - is there any tweaks you can think of to manually change the fan speed out of full mode? Thanks!


  2. Peter wrote on Aug 20, 2019 at 10:04 AM

    The best tool for a NAS. Must-have!


    1. BigRonin wrote on May 05, 2019 at 09:11 PM

      Try the latest version. It contains a lot of improvements and the plot generation has been accelerated.


  3. Lyu JH wrote on Jan 15, 2019 at 05:14 AM

    Great tool, but the plot is loading slowly.


  4. BigRonin wrote on Sep 14, 2018 at 12:44 PM

    In the version 1.0.2-008 an error has crept in that causes the AvrLogger to exit when changes are made in the plot config. An error-corrected version 1.0.2-009 has been uploaded and only needs to be released.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Greetings, BigRonin


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