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package icon tvstreamrecord
Developer: Pavion
Version: 1.6.2 Firmware: all
Last update: 05/03/2021 Size: 1.87 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
A tool for recording live streams based on ffmpeg library
2021-03-05 1.6.2 Fix broken password

2021-01-24 1.6.1 Update install scripts

2021-01-16 1.6.0 DSM 7 support
Use ffmpeg for everything, add switch for using legacy recording on http

2020-12-20 1.5.1 Fix mobile version, update themes
Add support for portable databases (for Docker usage)

2020-12-14 1.5.0 First docker release

2019-09-23 1.4.3 Fix for EPG import from http://xmltv.xmltv.se

2019-02-12 1.4.2 Fixed search in EPG chart view
Query support in EPG chart view (/epgchart&spiegel%20tv will highlight corresponding events)

2019-01-13 1.4.1 Records can now be deleted from EPG chart view

2019-01-12 1.4.0 Added new switch to handle concurrent recording (if but one stream per device available)
Better records handling and cancelling in EPG list view
Several fixes

2018-12-31 1.3.9 Keywords for creating automatic records on EPG import

2018-10-31 1.3.8 Edit records from mobile view

2018-10-30 1.3.7 Fixed mobile record toggle switch

2018-10-17 1.3.6 Better EPG overlays
New placeholder %fulltitle% added

2018-08-25 1.3.5 Adding more placeholders, delta before and after an EPG record

2018-03-11 1.3.4 Failsafe delta for ffmpeg: do not restart if but X seconds remain

2018-02-27 1.3.3 Extending TV Browser support (plugin v.1.0.3 required)
Events can also be canceled

2018-02-25 1.3.2 Extending TV Browser support (with newest plugin)
Events to be recorded are marked in TVBrowser and shown in tree view

2018-02-13 1.3.1 Fix for TV Browser records
Fix for importing m3u files with utf8bom encoding

2017-01-19 1.3.0 Support for TV-Browser added. Please see tvbrowser.org for more details
GZip packed local XMLTV files can be read
Password-free IP mask added into advanced configuration
Fix for login on iOS devices
Logout link added

2016-04-06 1.2.7 Fix for table switches
Fix for overnight records using EPG chart

2016-04-01 1.2.6 Fix for switches being unswitched
Fix for table data being purged

2016-03-28 1.2.5 DSM 6.0 hotfix

2016-03-24 1.2.4 XMLTV Support for non-standard fields

2016-01-21 1.2.3 Recurrent records fixed

2016-01-03 1.2.2 Fixed switches

2015-12-11 1.2.1 Several bug fixes

2015-12-10 1.2.0 EPG zoom redesigned and moved to EPG chart page
Further theme support for tables
EPG grab is now deprecated and will be completely removed in a future version, XMLTV should be the only way for now
Some unneeded redirects and reloads removed
Some visual and layout improvements
Keyword tag for EPG list added (for example /epglist&UFO should always show all events with 'UFO')
Saving such URL as a favorite allows a quick access. Extended support may be added later.
Dependencies updated:
- jQuery
- jQuery Mobile
- DataTables
- CherryPy
Several bug fixes after dependencies update

2015-11-20 1.1.4 Record&Edit support for both EPG pages with no redirect
Fix for chunked streams (thanks Karl)

2015-09-02 1.1.3 Proxy support for ffmpeg added

2015-08-11 1.1.2 Internal retries for HTTP connection added

2015-08-03 1.1.1 Postprocessing added (can be used to trigger media index)

2015-06-05 1.1.0 Log output changed
rtsp added per default
Retry count added in Advanced config tab
Bug fixes
Release version

2015-05-06 1.0.9 mc2xml integration (please read manual)
Manual updated to be read
SQL refactoring and minor fixes

2015-03-28 1.0.8 EPG Chart date buttons
mc2xml support
Minor fixes

2015-03-17 1.0.7 EPG chart visual enhancements:
Floating channel names and times, grid lines

2015-03-05 1.0.6 Minor enhancements
XMLTV time offset added

2015-02-27 1.0.5 Release version

2015-02-17 1.0.4 Fix for FFMPEG not responding part two

2015-02-04 1.0.3 Fix for FFMPEG not responding

2015-01-21 1.0.2 Fix for daylight saving time (#9)
Recurrent fix & retry on failed ffmpeg records (#10)

2014-11-23 1.0.1 XMLTV generator 'TVH_W' supported

2014-09-01 1.0.0 Mobile version for record management
Auto redirect for iOS and Android Mobile
Full Python 2.6.6/2.7/3 support
Better unicode support
Enhanced performance and memory usage for XMLTV
Refactoring and cleaning up
Bug fixes

2014-04-26 0.6.4 Password protection on remote connections added
Browsing for target folder selection added
Record name mask added
New manual and About page

2014-04-06 0.6.3 Recurrent records hotfix

2014-03-27 0.6.2 UI redesign and theme roller
Added english, german and russian translations (excl. About page)
jQuery date/time locale support also for other countries
Massive refactoring and fixes for client code
Table state saving in browser cache

2014-02-23 0.5.8 TVxb support
Structured config page with built-in plausibility control
Disable channels from EPG chart
Switch between client and server sided EPG list for besser compatibility
Automatic XMLTV import implemented

2014-02-01 0.5.7 Table length will be saved
Plausibility check for server port and bind address added
Gear icon in Chrome fixed
Synology shortcut fixes
Channel URL length increased to 255
Small playlist fixes

2013-12-22 0.5.6 Favicon added
Menu icons added
Few fixes on XMLTV

2013-12-11 0.5.5 Installation bug, sorry!!

2013-12-10 0.5.4 EPG removal bug fixed

2013-11-20 0.5.3 EPG view is now configurable. Please check the 'Config' page for this option
EPG grab can now be switched directly
Records can also be created at the channel page
New view 'EPG list' has been added

2013-10-20 0.5.2 Extended EPG grab support. Please check About page
Highlight events being recorded in EPG
Automatic timed EPG grab (see config)
Stream link at every page to use with video players and browser plugins
Several bug fixes
Debug buttons moved to config page

2013-08-19 0.5.1 EPG grabbing beta

2013-08-19 0.5.0 Channel editing and moving added
Channel list can now be exported and saved
Record editing added
Disabling/deleting channels also disable/delete all their records
Several bug fixes & dialog optimisation

2013-05-27 0.4.8 URL length fixed / increased to 255

2013-03-07 0.4.7 Recurrent FFMPEG records added/fixed

2013-02-19 0.4.6 Stream types, which should be forwarded to ffmpeg, are now configurable
ffmpeg output attributes now changeable
Please check 'About' page for further info regarding ffmpeg support

2013-02-13 0.4.5 Channel file extension added
Experimental ffmpeg support for rtmp streams
Python check removed, support for other Pythons added
EPG check for new added channels can be called anytime and has a running check

2013-02-06 0.4.4 Recurrent records are now available

2013-02-06 0.4.3 About page and Wiki added, recorded file extension fixed and now configurable
Default sorting column for all tables implemented
Old records will be shown and must be purged manually

2013-02-04 0.4.3 CherryPy Server implemented for better stability under load

2013-02-03 0.4.2a Syno-branch only: broken update script fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.

2013-02-03 0.4.2 Logging, license information, further optimisation

2013-02-02 0.4.1 Default database only. Database will be kept on update.

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