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package icon iPKGui
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 1.0-241 Firmware: 3.0-1337 and onward
Last update: 19/02/2017 Size: 1.19 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
additional dependencies: iPKG, Perl
iPKGui is a web interface for iPKG and oPKG. Inspired by Synaptic, a graphical interface for 'apt', this application provides a similar handling. Packages can be marked for installation, removal or upgrade and added to a queue with a simply click to perform the actions without further input at the end. The final determination of the dependencies and installation of the packages will still be performed by the CLI. iPKGui is not a substitute for iPKG or oPKG, but rather a graphical tool that is meant to simplify an overview of the package and the handling.
Version 1.0-241 19/02/2017
- added: module CGI for perl 5.22 and onward
Version 1.0-240 01/07/2016
- fixed: wrong version comparison if the version string contains '+' with a few letters behind
Version 1.0-239 01/07/2016
- fixed: some functions if more than one version available
- added: minimally darker theme for DSM 6.0, is controlled automatically via the theme settings in the control panel
Version 1.0-238 04/06/2016
- fixed: wrong detection of feed is dir or file caused behavior of select box
- fixed: wrong messages about errors in logfile though update error free
- fixed: set/unset external if more than one version available
- fixed: import/export of package lists erased the sign '+' in the package name
- fixed: import/export of package lists; text box was filled with wrong values during activation/after download
- fixed: quick filter could not handle special characters
- fixed: description sometimes wrong after downgrade
- fixed: archiv behaviour
- changed: set/unset external preserves 'Auto-Installed' and 'Conffiles' attributes
- added: perform md5sum check before use of archive package and re-download package if a md5sum mismatch was detected
Version 1.0-234 22/04/2016
- fixed: detection of features 'force-defaults' and 'force-maintainer' if using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: use of archive if using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: use of gzip compressed local package list files if using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: sha256 not available if using 5.8.6
- added: log entry with reason if update of package list failed
- removed: unnecessary ipkgui pid in logfile
Version 1.0-232 02/04/2016
- changed: -force-defaults is now available when using opkg by the internal logic for --force-maintainer is negated.
- fixed: progress bar does not appear
Version 1.0-230 20/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
- fixed: send of notifications with html entities in DSM 6.0
- fixed: symlink must be inside iPKGui directory, known issue: virtual hosts as archive target in DSM 6.0 are currently not supported
- added: Entware-ng[opkg] and Optware-ng[ipkg] into about dialog
Version 1.0-228 - 21/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
- fixed: import of package list ended up with unnamed error
- added: info about missing packages after import of packages list
Version 1.0-227 - 23/08/2015
- improved: autodetect of package manager
- added: support for Qnapware[opkg] (http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=95346)
- added: support for Entware[opkg] (http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=255&t=103093)
- added: support for gzip compressed local package list files (qnapware use this for example)
- added: edit of package manager configuration (paths and files)
- added: edit of archive path and url
- added: support for feed options editable via gui
- added: edit of configuration files which are known by the package manager
Version 0.9-207 - 15/01/2015
- fixed: toolbar and statusbar disabled after import of a package list
- fixed: small bugs
- moved language dependent texts to directory 'texts'
- added: french language (thx to DenisPac)
Version 0.9-190 - 26/05/2014
- added: remove from local archive
- added: rebuild of local archive
- added: 'explanation of symbols' page
- improved: dependency checks
Version 0.8-182 - 09/05/2014
- added: download to local archive
- added: downgrade of packages with a little trick (although ipkg is not able to do so, i don't know if opkg can do)
- dependency check will now be performed also during the marking of packages for install/remove
- moved notifications on the left side, in order not to block panel buttons
Version 0.8-175 - 01/05/2014
- added: selection of a specific version to install if more versions of the same package exists, identified by the info icon next to the version
- if missing or broken packages exist, then these need to be repaired before further actions can be performed
- added: menu item to perform a automatic repair of missing packages (simply through 'Mark for installation', can be altered before execution)
Version 0.8-170 - 29/04/2014
- added: support for port numbers in feed urls
- added: additional states to color palette
- optimized perl scripts again, increased loading speed of package list by up to 33%, grouping of same packages with different versions, selection through context menu
- The increase in speed has been done by inhibiting the ongoing reconstruction of the package list. Changes via cli are automatically detected and trigger a complete reconstruction of the package list.
Version 0.8-167 - 25/04/2014
- selection of packages now version dependent, this allow to select a unique package if more than 1 package source active. Furthermore almost all other functions are now version dependent too (e.g. search for dependencies of a specified version).
conflicts and missing packages will be detected and displayed upon detection
Version 0.8-158 - 09/04/2014
- added: selection of suggested packages
- added: list of smallfixes
Version 0.8-150 - 02/04/2014
- added: import/export of installed/marked packages list via textfield or file
Version 0.8-145 - 23/03/2014
- update authorization check to work with DSM 5
- added: new theme colors, only DSM 5
- added: browser language detection
- added: license
- added: app notify to display new and upgradeable package count in app badge, only DSM 5
- use mail/notify language instead of dsm language for fixed notify texts
Version 0.7-135 - 01/09/2013
- fixed: display of wrong color for some unmarked packages
Version 0.7-134 - 14/07/2013
- fixed: authorization check to make it work well in DSM 4.3beta
- fixed: double code in color form
Version 0.7-132 - 22/06/2013
- fixed: some feed files not showing in list
- fixed: wrong version compare operator
- fixed: additional
in list of dependencies if only suggests or conflicts are shown
- added: delete of no more needed feed files if no feed url inside
Version 0.7-129 - 08/06/2013
- fixed: little design errors
- added: function to detect depends to...packages if removing a package
- added: status 'installed_extern' for manually installed packages (e.g. through compiling)
- fixed: wrong path to cron script
- added: logfile panel
- added: status 'External installation'
- optimized function for status 'External installation'
- added: filter 'Installed (external)', status 'Installed (external)'
- added: force options
- added: force options shortcut under status image (FO = -force-overwrite, FN = -nodeps, FON = -force-overwrite + -nodeps, FD = -force-depends, FR = -force-removal-of-dependent-packages)
- label 'lock' re-renamed again to 'halt', it fits better
- added: dependencies-check for re-installation and upgrade packages
- added: filter 'Broken', status 'Broken' and 'Missing dependency'
- added: correction of missing comma separation for depends, suggests and conflict entrys in ipkg/opkg lists, removed unnecessary blanks
- changed: status bar colors for upgrades, new and defekt packages now controlled by general color form
- added: temporary filter history list 'Filter results'
Version 0.6-102 - 20/05/2013 * now with support for oPKG *
- removed: unnecessary code
- changed: 'properties - dependencies' textarea into a div, use html for formating
- fixed: 'properties - general' showing 'undefined' on some fields
- fixed: 'properties - dependencies' missing some dependencies if version appended
- fixed: 'Reload package list' in status bar not reset filter field
- changed: the way to read complete list of packages
- optimized package read and update
- optimized package properties
- added: option dialog
- added: custom color selection
- added: general options form
- added: feed form
- added: support for multiple feeds in one feed file
- fixed: confirm marked count
- label 'halt' renamed to 'lock'
- added: cron functionality to provide automatic update of the package sources
- changed: status images into css classes
Version 0.5-070 - 06/05/2013
- added: support for oPKG (it is best to use /opt as prefix, configure and compile with --prefix=/opt --with-opkglibdir=/opt/lib --with-opkgetcdir=/opt/etc)
- added: support for multiple feeds
Version 0.4-067 - 29/04/2013
- changed: function hold to fit ipkg behavior
- added: locking to prevent parallel execution of ipkg commands
Version 0.4-065 - 27/04/2013
- rewritten and optimized perl scripts to increase load speed of package list,
before: DS211j load list in 17 sec, DS1512+ load list in 5,5 sec
after: DS211j load list in 7,3 sec, DS1512+ load list in 1,3 sec
- using ExtJS
Version 0.4-060 - 18/04/2013
- added: properties dialog
- added: unmark all
Version 0.4-055 - 08/04/2013
- optimized progress bar
Version 0.4-053 - 07/04/2013
- added: error handling, logging and ipkg check
- changed: toolbar icons
Version 0.4-051 - 03/04/2013
- added: function apply and execute
- added: progress bar
- improved: backend 'execute'
Version 0.3-045 - 25/03/2013
- using patched ExtJS 3.4.0 to support IE10
- using some ExtJS 3.4.0 fixes
- changed: theme and colors to match DSM 4.x (a little bit more)
Version 0.3-039 - 21/03/2013
- changed: gridpanel into listview to speed up display by factor 2
- optimized backend cgi script 'execute'
Version 0.3-031 - 18/03/2013
- added: showprogress form
Version 0.3-029 - 17/03/2013
- added: pre-perform queue
Version 0.3-026 - 16/03/2013
- grouping of near identical package sections to display only one of them
- fixed: collect depending packages, if depending package not in same category or section
- added: section sorting
- added: statusbar
Version 0.3-022 - 10/03/2013
- improved: package query
Version 0.2-020 - 24/02/2013
- fixed: small bugs
- added: small optimisations
Version 0.2-019 - 04/01/2013
- improved: context action, if more than one package selected
- improved: collect depending packages again
- changed: package icons
- added: text to showchanges dialog
- added: warning msg for action on more than 30 selected packages
Version 0.2-016 - 02/01/2013
- improved: detect upgradeable packages while collecting depending packages
- code optimization
Version 0.2-013 - 30/12/2012
- improved: collect depending packages
- improved: collect conflicting packages
Version 0.2-011 - 04/12/2012
- improved: mark upgrades
- fixed: hold package
Version 0.2-010 - 18/11/2012
- fixed: counting of package stats
Version 0.2-009 - 31/10/2012
- added: update of package list
- added: detect new packages
- added: counting of package stats
- fixed: loadmask for Chrome and Safari
Version 0.1-006 - 27/10/2012
- added: mark upgrades
- added: context menu
- fixed: IE9 compatibility
Version 0.1-005 - 25/10/2012
- added: section filter
Version 0.1-003 - 23/10/2012
- added: status- and package filter
Version 0.1-001 - 16/10/2012
- initial commit

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