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package icon DDNS updater
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 1.27-002 Firmware: 3.0-1337 and onward
Last update: 10/05/2014 Size: 1.34 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Init 3rdparty>=1.5
additional dependencies: Perl
DDNS updater is a web interface for ddclient (GNU General Public License - GPL), a service written in Perl. The DDNS updater can update dynamic DNS host names automatically. Support a variety of protocols and the continuous development of the DDNS updater make it a valuable utility. *** Support has finished since 30-06-2015 ***
Support for DDNS Updater 1 expired on 30/06/2015

Version 1.27-002 - 10/05/2014
- fixed wrong stop code, due to the last change of the stop code DDNS updater delete the file 'enabled', which are the indicator to start after shutdown/reboot
- fixed protocol 'dnsexit' used wrong and double responses, update url update.dnsexit.com does not work
- changed protocol 'freedns' to use ssl
- changed protocol 'zoneedit' to use only ssl
Version 1.27-001 - 13/04/2014
- fixed ddclient could not be stopped in some cases (DSM 5), since the behavior of killall from busybox has changed
- fixed ddclient not using ipkg perl and ssl
Version 1.27 - 24/02/2014
- fixed changed path to syslog-ng in DSM 4.3-3810 Update 4
- added import/export function
- added additional authentication check for includable php files
- added provider 'gratisdns.de'
- added provider 'spdns.de'
- added provider 'all-inkl.com'
- removed 'amazonaws' from ip check sites list due to unreliability, replaced with getip.spndns.de
Version 1.26-003 - 02/02/2014
- fixed dsm and token authentication for DSM 5.x
- added new icon sizes for DSM 5.x
Version 1.26-002 - 10/01/2014
- syslog client configuration removed temporarily, until i can think of a better solution
Version 1.26-001 - 05/01/2014
- fixed wrong stop code, DDNS updater now starts in the state as before shutdown/reboot
Version 1.26 - 22/12/2013
- fixed date() warnings from php, if timezone not correctly set
- changed hostname behavior for protocol 'namecheap.com' hostnames can now be used more than once (eg. www)
- added protocol 'cloudflare2' to use the new json-api, the old one renamed in 'cloudflare1'
- changed logging, now ddclient logs in a separate file with logrotate (DSM 4.3 and onward) ***beta***
- added syslog-ng rules to get ddclient messages for syslog server (DSM 4.3 and onward) ***beta***
- added dependency to perl
Version 1.25-001 - 31/10/2013
- fixed high cpu load
Version 1.25 - 27/10/2013
- removed remaining authentication credentials from debug.log
- using ExtJS
- using some ExtJS 3.4.0 fixes
- using latest ddclient SVN r155 20131028
- fixed authorization check to make it work well in DSM 4.3
- fixed ddclient provider 'gratisdns.dk' not working with HTTP-Basic-AUTH
- fixed provider 'freedns.afraid.org' use with global ssl activated, cause freedns.afraid.org don't support ssl connections
- added provider 'changeip.com'
Version 1.24-001 - 25/02/2013
- fixed manually "force update" for no-ip to work with workaround
Version 1.24 - 16/02/2013
- fixed no-ip force update if ip don't change, prevent expiry message
- added mx, mxpri and backupmx for url-api of provider 'strato.com'. Don't know, if mxpri and backupmx are used by their url-api
- added 120x120 px package icon
- update package informations for dsm 4.2
Version 1.23-001 - 23/12/2012
- changed log message, message about successful ip-get-task only shown if previous try failed
- changed gratisdns.dk min intervall to 15 min (according to a post in the german synology-forum)
Version 1.23 - 21/12/2012
- added provider 'gratisdns.dk'
- added custom "automatic cycle through list of get-ip urls" snippet (beta)
- updated dsm help (list of providers)
Version 1.22 - 13/11/2012
- fixed provider list not showing in IE9
- fixed tooltip showing at left top edge of window instead at bottom of object in IE9
- fixed notification "NOCONNECT" if host not reachable
- added detection of ipkg syslog-ng destination
- added "force update" of all host via context menu
- added confirm message before "force update"
- added punicode support
- added missing mx and mxpri field to status grid
- updated dsm help
Version 1.21 - 23/09/2012
- added provider 'cloudflare.com'
- changed offline-mode behavoir to update host after reboot of ds
- removed old startup script in /usr/local/rc.d
- added notify warnings/failures in dsm notification bar
- added "force update" of selected host via context menu
- added new method to check whether the user has the permission to use this app, configuration can be made through Control Panel - Application Privileges
Version 1.20 - 16/06/2012
- added code for global check ip url
- fixed little bug in shutdown script, if offline script is empty
- added provider 'kontent.com'
- added provider 'ovh.de'
Version 1.19 - 19/01/2012
- changed to ddclient 3.81 SVN 20120117 incl. FreeDNS.afraid.org fix, zoneedit patch, longer password support, new provider 'dtdns.com'
- added provider 'dnsmadeeasy.com'
- used new call method to add 3rdparty help in dsm 4.0 beta, package '3rdparty_help' is no longer needed,
in dsm 3.x the script checks, if package '3rdparty_help' installed. INFO entry 'install_dep_packages' removed
- fixed start-stop handling again, Synology changed the start-stop procedure slightly, now ddnsupdater starts in the same state as before shutdown/reboot
- fixed typo in www.dydns.za.net, must be www.dyndns.za.net
Version 1.18 - 11/09/2011 (bugfix release)
- fixed moving ddclient.cache on shutdown instead of deleting. This prevent update the ip and abuse, if the system reboot to often.
- fixed debug mode to restore the ddclient in working mode after execution
- added offline mode for selfhost.de in ddclient. Use ip of to activate offline mode
- added provider 'einsweb.de'
- little color changes in ddnsupdater.css
Version 1.17 - 19/01/2011
- fixed start-stop handling, now ddnsupdater starts in the same state as before shutdown/reboot
- fixed return of unknown status code
- added debug information via gui, append ?debug=1 to the url to get the debug archive
- added dutch gui and help language (thanx to wizjos)
Version 1.16 - 22/11/2010
- fixed language-dependent help index creation, install and run Init_3rdpartyHelp package to patch indexer before use version 1.16 and above
- changed language detection, language now used from DSM instead of operating system
- changed gui language location, language files are now in ./help
- added colored rows, rows are colored in the same color as the status color, only if status not "good"
- added 2 new provider, joker.com and regfish.de
- added english help (thanx to Matthieu)
- added more status codes and texts (fixes grid refresh after easydns status returns)
- changed checkip.dyndns.org to checkip.two-dns.de, checkip.dyndns.org seems to have a wrong dns entry for ip
- changed help file handling, used symbolic links instead of copying the files
Version 1.15 - 09/10/2010
- more seamless integration in DSM 3, 48x48 pixel for desktop icon
- remove login and password field size limits
Version 1.14 - 28/09/2010
- integrated help in DSM 3, at this time only german
Version 1.13 - 21/08/2010
- litte changes/fixes/patches in ddclient
Version 1.12 - 03/08/2010
- to prevent lost of ddclient.conf after shutdown, ddclient.conf now simultaneously saved in /tmp/cache/ddclient and homedir
Version 1.11 - 15/07/2010
- multilanguage support, available languages de and en
Version 1.10 - 07/07/2010
- move dclient.conf to /tmp/cache/ddclient, save ddclient.conf on DS shutdown and recover after boot
- fix wrong id if grid not sorted by id
- fix not showing status with clean config
- better handling if ddclient is running or not
Version 1.09 - 06/07/2010
- added save and restore of grid arrangement with cookie
- added Resizer to change height of grid (height would not be saved yet)
- uprading extjs 3.2.0 to 3.2.1
Version 1.08 - 04/07/2010
- changed combobox into slider
- changed max-interval into slider
Version 1.07 - 03/07/2010
- added function to add a custom server (server address)
- added protocol and server row to grid
Version 1.06 - 29/06/2010
- fix Start/Stop of ddnsupdater in sync with Start/Stop of package manager
- change text "No response from" into "Could not connect to"
Version 1.05 Final - 06/06/2010
- increased login and password fields to 30 chars
Version 1.05 Beta 9 - 02/06/2010
- fix provider 'zoneedit.com', wrong server entry used
Version 1.05 Beta 8 - 26/05/2010
- fix the use of syslog; synology's syslog don't accept words as priority tag
all warnings, infos, alerts and updates are now written into /var/log/messages
- added logfile view, filter code by itari
- fix provider 'two-dns.de' to use with more than one host
two-dns.de don't support all hosts in one url column (e.g. host1,host2), so we need to update each host separately
Version 1.05 Beta 7 - 15/05/2010
- fix provider 'two-dns.de' use with global ssl activated, cause two-dns.de don't support ssl connections
- moved cache dir to /tmp
Version 1.05 Beta 6 - 25/04/2010
- fix provider 'opendns.com' set status 'not connect to host'
Version 1.05 Beta 5 - 21/04/2010
- added provider 'opendns.com'
- fixed generation of 0 byte ddnshelp.dat
- change message box to message overlay
Version 1.05 Beta 4 - 14/04/2010
- changed maxlength of hostname field to 256 chars
- fixed code typo in wildcard, static and custom field
- changed time between connection retrys to 5 sec (only for the gui counter)
Version 1.05 Beta 3 - 11/04/2010
- changed message behavoir in status row, connection status will display now in a 2nd area on the right side
- added provider 'selfhost.de'
- added provider '3322.org'
- added provider 'two-dns.de'
Version 1.05 Beta 2 - 11/04/2010
- using old cvs version because of a bug in ip get and verify
Version 1.05 Beta 1 - 10/04/2010
- Second public release
Version 1.04 - 30/03/2010
- added feature "offline-mode"
- added feature "offline-script", to execute a script after offline mode was activated
- uprading extjs 3.1.1 to 3.2.0
Version 1.03 - 21/03/2010
- added provider 'dnsexit.com' (request from Tagger)
- added provider 'direct-domains.de' (request from MartinB86)
Version 1.02a - 10/03/2010
- uprading extjs 3.0.0 to 3.1.1
Version 1.02 - 01/03/2010
- added absolute path to ps command
Version 1.01 - 19/10/2009
- added provider 'strato.com'
Version 1.00 Beta - 15/09/2009
- first public release

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