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package icon ExifTool beta
Developer: Phil Harvey
Publisher: Sylvain Grosset
Version: 21.0210-b1548 Firmware: 5.0-4458 and onward
Last update: 10/02/2021 Size: 5.16 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl
ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files
Feb. 9, 2021 - Version 12.18

Added a new SonyModelID
Decode a number of Sony tags for the ILCE-1 (thanks Jos Roost)
Decode a couple of new Canon tags (thanks LibRaw)
Patched to read differently formatted UserData:Keywords as written by iPhone
Patched to tolerate out-of-order Nikon MakerNote IFD entries when obtaining tags necessary for decryption
Fixed a few possible Condition warnings for some NikonSettings tags

Feb. 3, 2021 - Version 12.17

Added a new Canon FocusMode value
Added a new FujiFilm FilmMode value
Added a number of new XMP-crs tags (thanks Herb)
Decode a new H264 MDPM tag
Allow non-conforming lower-case XMP boolean "true" and "false" values to be written, but only when print conversion is disabled
Improved Validate option to warn about non-capitalized boolean XMP values
Improved logic for setting GPSLatitude/LongitudeRef values when writing
Changed -json and -php options so the -a option is implied even without the -g option
Avoid extracting audio/video data from AVI videos when -ee -u is used
Patched decoding of Canon ContinuousShootingSpeed for newer firmware versions of the EOS-1DXmkIII
Re-worked LensID patch of version 12.00 (github issue #51)
Fixed a few typos in newly-added NikonSettings tags (thanks Herb)
Fixed problem where group could not be specified for PNG-pHYs tags when writing

Jan. 21, 2021 - Version 12.16 (production release)

Extract another form of video subtitle text
Enhanced -ee option with -ee2 and -ee3 to allow parsing of the H264 video stream in MP4 files
Changed a Nikon FlashMode value
Fixed problem that caused a failed DPX test on Strawberry Perl
API Changes:
Enhanced ExtractEmbedded option

Jan. 18, 2021 - Version 12.15 (production release)

Added a couple of new Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
Added a new Nikon FlashMode value (thanks Mike)
Decode NikonSettings (thanks Warren Hatch)
Decode thermal information from DJI RJPEG images
Fixed extra newline in -echo3 and -echo4 outputs added in version 12.10
Fixed out-of-memory problem when writing some very large PNG files under Windows

Jan. 6, 2021 - Version 12.14

Added support for 2 more types of timed GPS in video files (that makes 49 different formats now supported)
Added validity check for PDF trailer dictionary Size
Added a new Pentax LensType
Extract metadata from Jpeg2000 Association box
Changed -g:XX:YY and -G:XX:YY options to show empty strings for non-existent groups
Patched to issue warning and avoid writing date/time values with a zero month or day number
Patched to avoid runtime warnings if trying to set FileName to an empty string
Fixed issue that could cause GPS test number 12 to fail on some systems
Fixed problem extracting XML as a block from Jpeg2000 images, and extract XML tags in the XML group instead of XMP

Dec. 24, 2020 - Version 12.13

Added -i HIDDEN option to ignore files with names that start with "."
Added a few new Nikon ShutterMode values (thanks Jan Škoda)
Added ability to write Google GCamera MicroVideo XMP tags
Add time zone automatically to most string-based QuickTime date/time tags when writing unless the PrintConv option is disabled
Decode a new Sony tag (thanks LibRaw)
Changed behaviour when writing only pseudo tags to return an error and avoid writing any other tags if writing FileName fails
Print "X image files read" message even if only 1 file is read when at least one other file has failed the -if condition

Dec. 4, 2020 - Version 12.12

Added ability to geotag from DJI CSV log files
Added a new CanonModelID
Added a couple of new Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
Enhanced -csvDelim option to allow "\t", "\n", "\r" and "\\"
Unescape "\b" and "\f" in imported JSON values
Fixed bug introduced in 12.10 which generated a "Not an integer" warning when attempting to shift some QuickTime date/time tags
Fixed shared-write permission problem with -@ argfile when using -stay_open and a filename containing special characters on Windows

Nov. 27, 2020 - Version 12.11

Added -csvDelim option
Added new Canon and Olympus LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
Added a warning if ICC_Profile is deleted from an image (github issue #63)
EndDir() function for -if option now works when -fileOrder is used
Changed FileSize conversion to use binary prefixes since that is how the conversion is currently done (eg. MiB instead of MB)
Patched -csv option so columns aren't resorted when using -G option and one of the tags is missing from a file
Fixed incompatiblity with Google Photos when writing UserData:GPSCoordinates to MP4 videos
Fixed problem where the tags available in a -p format string were limited to the same as the -if[NUM] option when NUM was specified
Fixed incorrect decoding of SourceFileIndex/SourceDirectoryIndex for Ricoh models

Nov. 12, 2020 - Version 12.10

Added -validate test for proper TIFF magic number in JPEG EXIF header
Added support for Nikon Z7 LensData version 0801
Added a new XMP-GPano tag
Decode ColorData for the Canon EOS 1DXmkIII (thanks LibRaw)
Decode more tags for the Sony ILCE-7SM3 (thanks Jos Roost)
Automatically apply QuickTimeUTC option for CR3 files
Improved decoding of XAttrMDLabel from MacOS files
Ignore time zones when writing date/time values and using the -d option
Enhanced -echo3 and -echo4 options to allow exit status to be returned
Changed -execute so the -q option no longer suppresses the "{ready}" message when a synchronization number is used (eg. -execute123)

Oct. 29, 2020 - Version 12.09

Added ability to copy CanonMakerNotes from CR3 images to other file types
Added read support for ON1 presets file (.ONP)
Added two new CanonModelID values
Added trailing "/" when writing QuickTime:GPSCoordinates
Added a number of new XMP-crs tags
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a new Nikon Z lens (thanks LibRaw)
Added a new Canon LensType
Decode ColorData for Canon EOS R5/R6
Decode a couple of new HEIF tags
Decode FirmwareVersion for Canon M50
Improved decoding of Sony CreativeStyle tags (thanks Jos Roost)
Improved parsing of Radiance files to recognize comments
Renamed GIF AspectRatio tag to PixelAspectRatio
Patched EndDir() feature so subdirectories are always processed when -r is used (previously, EndDir() would end processing of a directory completely)
Yet another tweak to the EventTime formatting rules (also allow time-only values with fractional seconds and a time zone)
Avoid loading GoPro module unnecessarily when reading MP4 videos from some other cameras
Fixed problem with an incorrect naming of CodecID tags in some MKV videos
Fixed verbose output to avoid "adding" messages for existing flattened XMP tags

Oct. 15, 2020 - Version 12.08

Added read support for MacOS "._" sidecar files
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
Recognize Mac OS X xattr files
Extract ThumbnailImage from MP4 videos of more dashcam models
Improved decoding of a number of Sony tags (thanks Jos Roost)
Fixed problem where the special -if EndDir() function didn't work properly for directories after the one in which it was initially called
Patched to read DLL files which don't have a .rsrc section (thanks Hank)
Patched to support new IGC date format when geotagging
Patched to read DLL files with an invalid size in the header

Oct. 2, 2020 - Version 12.07

Added support for GoPro .360 videos
Added some new Canon RF and Nikkor Z lenses (thanks LibRaw)
Added some new Sony LensType and CreativeStyle values and decode some ILCE-7C tags (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a number of new Olympus SceneMode values (thanks Herb)
Added a new Nikon LensID
Decode more timed metadata from Insta360 videos (thanks Thomas Allen)
Decode timed GPS from videos of more Garmin dashcam models
Decode a new GoPro video tag
Reformat time-only EventTime values when writing and prevent arbitrary strings from being written
Patched to accept backslashes in SourceFile entries for -csv option
Sept. 11, 2020 - Version 12.06

Added read support for Lyrics3 metadata (and fixed problem where APE metadata may be ignored if Lyrics3 exists)
Added a new Panasonic VideoBurstMode value (thanks Klaus Homeister)
Added a new Olympus MultipleExposureMode value
Added a new Nikon LensID
Added back conversions for XMP-dwc EventTime that were removed in 12.04 with a patch to allow time-only values
Decode GIF AspectRatio
Decode Olympus FocusBracketStepSize (thanks Karsten)
Extract PNG iDOT chunk in Binary format with the name AppleDataOffsets
Process PNG images which do not start with mandatory IHDR chunk

Aug. 24, 2020 - Version 12.05

Added a new Panasonic SelfTimer value (thanks Herb)
Decode a few more DPX tags (thanks Harry Mallon)
Extract AIFF APPL tag as ApplicationData
Fixed bug writing QuickTime ItemList 'gnre' Genre values
Fixed an incorrect value for Panasonic VideoBurstResolution (thanks Herb)
Fixed problem when applying a time shift to some invalid makernote date/time values

Aug. 10, 2020 - Version 12.04

Added read support for Zeiss ZISRAW CZI files
Added some new values for a couple of Olympus tags (thanks Sebastian)
Decode a number of new tags for the Sony ILCE-7SM3 (thanks Jos Roost)
Removed formatting restrictions on XMP-dwc:EventTime to allow a time-only value to be written
Moved new QuckTime ItemList tags added in version 12.02 to the proper group (they were incorrectly added to the Keys group)
Improved QuickTime -v3 output to show default language codes
Patched -lang option to work for the values of somet tags with coded translations
Patched the format of a number of QuickTime tags when writing for improved compatibility with iTunes and AtomicParsley
Patched to write a default QuickTime language code of 0x0000 (null) instead of 0x55c4 ('und')

July 29, 2020 - Version 12.03

Added family 7 group names to allow tag ID's to be specified when reading and writing
Fixed a couple of typos in tag values (thanks Herb)
API Changes:
Added HexTagIDs option
Enhanced GetNewValue() to allow family 7 groups names to be used
Internal Changes:
Changed Composite tag ID's to use "-" instead of "::" as a separator

July 27, 2020 - Version 12.02

Added support for a number of new QuickTime ItemList tags
Added support for writing XMP-xmp:RatingPercent
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost and LibRaw)
Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks James O'Neill)
Decode barcodes from Ricoh APP5 RMETA segment
Decode a few new QuickTime tags written by Ricoh and Garmin cameras
Decode timed GPS from Sony A7R IV MP4 videos
Decode timed GPS from 70mai dashcam videos
Decode a few new Panasonic tags (thanks Klaus Homeister)
Decode altitude and more accurate latitude/longitude from Transcend Driver Pro 230 MP4 videos
Improved decoding of some Canon EOS 1DXmkIII custom functions
Allow integer QuickTime TrackNumber and DiskNumber values
Relax validity check of QuickTime:ContentCreateDate when writing with -n
Removed "Com" from the start of some unknown ItemList tag names
Patched CanonCustom decoding for bug in Canon EOS-1DX firmware
Changed QuickTime CleanAperture tags decode as signed rationals

June 24, 2020 - Version 12.01

Added a new NEFCompression value (thanks Warren Hatch)
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
Decode timed GPS from Rove Stealth 4K dashcam videos
Fixed bug which would corrupt TIFF images with 16-bit image data offsets when writing (these are very rare)
June 11, 2020 - Version 12.00 (production release)

Added two new Olympus LensTypes (thanks Don Komarechka for one)
Added two new Sony LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a few new Nikon LensID's (thanks Mathieu Carbou)
Added support for the Sony ZV-1 (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a new CanonModelID (thanks Jos Roost)
Added missing MimeType values for HEICS and HEIFS files
Added definitions for a number of new XMP-crs tags
Recognize WOFF and WOFF2 font files
Decode streaming GPS from Roadhawk, EEEkit and 360Fly MP4 videos
Decode a number of new tags for the Nikon D6 (thanks Warren Hatch)
Decode a couple more AF tags for the D500/D850
Decode a number of new Panasonic tags
Improved Composite LensID logic (thanks Matt Stancliff)
Enhanced -v option to state when a directory has 0 entries
Removed a couple of incorrect Validate warnings for bilevel TIFF images
Drop ContrastCurve tag when copying from NEF to JPEG
Changed -csv output to add "Unknown" group name to column headings for missing tags when -f and -G options are used
Patched to support new XMP LensID format for Nikon cameras as written by Apple Photos (thanks Mattsta)
Fixed problem extracting metadata from Sigma DP2 Quattro X3F files
Fixed End() and EndDir() functions so they work when writing and when the -v option is used
Fixed problem recognizing some PGM files
Fixed bug in offsets for some Photoshop information in -v3 output
Fixed problem writing a list containing empty elements inside an XMP structure
API Changes:
Changed FilterW option to not write tag if $_ is set to undef
Added NoMultiExif option

May 11, 2020 - Version 11.99

Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Mykyta Kozlov)
Added a new Canon LensType
Added a newn PentaxModelID
Decode a few new QuickTime tags
Decode new ID3 Grouping tag
Decode a few more MinoltaRaw tags (thanks LibRaw)
Fixed runtime warning which could occur when reading corrupted RTF files
Fixed another potential pitfall in M2TS Duration calculation
Fixed problem extracting some unknown QuickTime:Keys tags
Fixed problem decoding Nikon D850 orientation tags
Fixed bug where TIFF image data may not be padded to an even number of bytes

May 1, 2020 - Version 11.98

Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Warren Hatch)
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw)
Added a new Canon LensType
Patched to extract EXIF with an "Exif\0\0" header from WebP images
Enhanced -efile option and added to the documentation
Minor tweak to -htmlDump output (disallow locking of empty selection)
Fixed problem determining Duration of some M2TS videos

Apr. 27, 2020 - Version 11.97

Added experimental -efile option (undocumented)
Decode NMEA GGA sentence from streaming GPS of some dashcam videos

Apr. 24, 2020 - Version 11.96

Decode streaming GPS from Lucas LK-7900 Ace AVI videos
Changed new Exit/ExitDir function names to End/EndDir
Fixed inconsistencies when using "-use mwg" together with the -wm option

Apr. 23, 2020 - Version 11.95

Added Exit() and ExitDir() functions for use in -if conditions (NOTE: these function names changed to End() and EndDir() in ExifTool 11.96)
Enhanced -geotag feature to support a more flexible input CSV file format
Enhanced -if and API Filter options to allow access to ExifTool object via $self
Fixed problem reading HEIC Exif with a missing header
Apr. 17, 2020 - Version 11.94

Added support for QuickTime ItemList:GPSCoordinates
Added additional Validate test for overlapping EXIF values
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a new Nikon LensID
Decode a few more Nikon tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
Decode Pentax ShutterType
Changed color of locked highlighted selection in -htmlDump output
Fixed problem reading PDF files written by Microsoft Print-to-PDF
Fixed problem where -X output would produce invalid XML for MP4 files containing an HTCTrack

Apr. 3, 2020 - Version 11.93

Added new config file to the distribution for writing Pix4D XMP-Camera tags (config_files/pix4d.config)
Added support for the DOSCyrillic (cp866) character set
Added IO::String to the Windows EXE version
Improved identification of Canon RF lenses (thanks LibRaw)
Enhanced -htmlDump output to add "File offset" entry for EXIF tags and ability lock highlighted selection by clicking the mouse
Enhanced -srcfile option to generate OriginalFileName and OriginalDirectory UserParam tags
Patched HEIC writer to add missing pitm box if necessary
Fixed problem adding back EXIF after deleting it from HEIC file
Fixed minor problem with incorrect number of bytes being reported for invalid header in corrupt files
API Changes:
Enhanced UserParam option to allow parameters to be extracted as if they were normal tags

Mar. 19, 2020 - Version 11.92

Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Wolfgang Exler)
Decode a few new Leica tags (thanks Tim Gray)
Decode AccelerometerData from Samsung Gear 360 videos
Fixed a couple of problems decoding timed GPS metadata from NextBase dashcam videos
Fixed problem where -X option could produce invalid XML when reading corrupted XMP

Mar. 5, 2020 - Version 11.91

Decode a couple of new Panasonic tags
Documented -ec option (available since version 11.54)
Reverted -htmlDump fix of 11.90 because it broke more than it fixed, and instead applied a targeted patch to fix this problem for RW2 files

Mar. 3, 2020 - Version 11.90

Added a new Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
Added two new Olympus LensType values
Added a new Canon LensType
Added some new Canon RecordMode values
Added some new QuickTime GeneralProfileIDC values
Added new values for a couple of FujiFilm tags
Added a number of new QuickTime GenreID values
Decode Nikon Z6/Z7 phase-detect AF points (thanks Andy Dragon)
Patched to avoid possible "Undefined subroutine" error in MacOS 10.15
Fixed incorrect offsets in -htmlDump output for some file types

Feb. 25, 2020 - Version 11.89

Added support for Exif 2.32 for XMP
Recognize the HIF file extension
Improved verbose output for QuickTime iref items
Patched to create new GPS metadata in Canon CR3 images using a default byte order that is the same as existing EXIF boxes
Patched to add missing newline that could occur in XMP with the API Compact Shorthand option

Feb. 20, 2020 - Version 11.88

Added write support for new Google depth-map XMP tags
Added config_files/depthmap.config to the distribution
Added minor error when attempting to write FFF images due to incompatibility with Hasselblad Phocus software
Patched to avoid "Invalid iloc offset size" error when writing some QuickTime-based files
Fixed incorrect ColumnCount for CSV files
Fixed various spelling errors (thanks Jens Schleusener)
Fixed bug writing QuickTime:Rotation in HEIC files

Feb. 13, 2020 - Version 11.87

Added read support for CSV files
Added "--" option to indicate the end of options
Added ability to read/write/copy/delete the JPEG trailer as a block
Added new Olympus CameraType and LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
Decode a few more FujiFilm tags
Enhanced -fast option (API FastScan) to bypass PNG CRC validation when writing

Feb. 4, 2020 - Version 11.86

Added support for DNG version 1.5
Added config_files/acdsee.config to the full distribution (thanks StarGeek)
Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost and LibRaw)
Decode two more bits from Nikon LensType (thanks LibRaw)
Decode QuickTime MovieFragmentSequence
Patched HEIC writer to add missing iref box if necessary
Fixed typo in a Canon LensType value
API Changes:
Patched ImageInfo() to recognize a stringified object as a file name

Jan. 28, 2020 - Version 11.85 (production release)

Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
Added a new Olympus CameraType (thanks LibRaw)
Added a two new Pentax LensType values
Added a new FujiFilm FocusMode
Decode timed GPS from Akaso dashcam MOV videos
Decode Insta360 trailer from INSP images and made Insta360 a deletable group
Patched kml.fmt file to limit maximum image size (thanks Fedor Kotov)
Fixed problem decoding values from Leica M10 and S maker notes

Jan. 10, 2020 - Version 11.84

Decode accelerometer data from timed metadata of more dashcam videos
Decode Canon G9 white balance tags (thanks LibRaw)
Recognize INSP files

Jan. 9, 2020 - Version 11.83

Added a couple of new XMP-crs tags (thanks Herb)
Fixed bug introduced in 11.82 with the -php -D output
Fixed problem where some flattened XMP tags could be written when they should be avoided

Jan. 8, 2020 - Version 11.82

Added a new Canon LensType
Added a new CanonModelID (thanks LibRaw)
Added ability to process SubDirectories in QuickTime Keys tags
Removed minor error when writing PDF 2.0 files (github issue #30)
Fixed problem where trailing null bytes were removed from binary values in the -php output when the -b option was used

Jan. 2, 2020 - Version 11.81

Added a new Nikon LensID
Added two new CanonModelID's (thanks LibRaw)
Decode AVIF AV1 configuration record
Changed names of QuickTime MovieData tags to "MediaData"
Patched to use 4-digit years in Time::Local calls
Patched Composite sub-second date/time tags to do additional validation of source EXIF date/time tags before adding sub seconds
Fixed problem where -json output could produce invalid JSON when -struct was used and the structure field names contained special characters (github issue #32)
Fixed spelling in a Panasonic SceneMode value (thanks Hubert)

Dec. 17, 2019 - Version 11.80

Added a new Canon LensType
Added a new Nikon Z LensID (thanks LibRaw)
Added a few new Sony LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
Attempt to improve reliability of Samsung DepthMapWidth/Height decoding
Updated a number of Canon-mount Tamron lens names to include the Tamron model number
Patched MOV/MP4 writer to allow a small amount of garbage at the end of a file to be deleted when writing with the -m option
Fixed bug where some Composite tags may not have taken priority over other tags as they should have

Dec. 12, 2019 - Version 11.79

Added support for AVIF files
Added new Canon, Sigma and Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
Made PDF 2.0 writable at your own risk with the -m option (github issue #30)
Enhanced -validate feature to warn about duplicate languages in an XMP lang-alt list
Fixed inconsistency between documentation and ExifTool capabilities for "Writable" status of some tags

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