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package icon Advanced Power Manager
Developer: Renaud Métrich
Publisher: community pac...
Version: 4.2 Firmware: 3.2-1922 and onward
Last update: 17/10/2021 Size: 798.72 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl
A powerful power management application subsuming Diskstation's integrated one
Version 4.2:
- Fix for Shutdown/Hosts plugin possibly dying, causing the whole service to crash

Version 4.1:
- Added 'Resynchronizations' Plugin enabling to delay the shutdown until Volume resynchronizations are finished

Version 4.0:
- New Poweron/Poweroff plugins (far more powerful)
- New Connections plugin (far more powerful)
- Increased code coverage through unit testing (~2100 unit tests)

Version 3.4-8:
- Fixed #24 shutdown task not executed
Version 3.4-7:
- Fixed #22 (unlikely to happen but ugly warning)
Version 3.4-6:
- Russian translation by Akelboy
Version 3.4-5:
- Fixed 'smartctl' command on DSM6.0
Version 3.4-4:
- Fixes for DSM6.0 (Special thanks to Christian Bang Jorgensen for letting me on his NAS!)
Version 3.4-3:
- Fixed #16 PowerOn can not be configured
Version 3.4-2:
- Fixes for DSM6.0beta (Special thanks to Christian Bang Jorgensen for letting me on his NAS!)
Version 3.4-1:
- Fixed specification of 1-digit day of month
Version 3.4:
- Implemented feature request #4 (Ability to plan holidays on variable dates)
Version 3.3-8:
- Fixed some english text
Version 3.3-7:
- Fixed bug preventing 'suspend' (and possibly other plugins) from behaving properly
- Dutch translation by Richard Blezer (Thank you for taking the time to translate!)
Version 3.3-6:
- Added 'SMART' Plugin enabling to delay the shutdown until SMART tests are finished
Version 3.3-5:
- Fixed programming of wakeup not working, probably due to a change in Perl release on latest DSM
Version 3.3-4:
- Fixed Connections plugin not displaying ports correctly in Monitoring panel
Version 3.3-3:
- Fixed wakeup not being reset to '0' when no wakeup is planned or wakeup is suspended
Version 3.3-2:
- Fixed menu dropdown list not closing after click/unfocus on DSM 4.2 due to some bug in Sencha Cmd 5.0
Version 3.3-1:
- Fixed scheduler dying when using the Connections plugin's 'specific ports' option
Version 3.3:
- Enhanced postshutdown plugins by integrating 'checks per interval' and 'interval' parameters
- Hardened unit tests
- Hardened UI monitoring panel
- Reorganized plugins based on capability (prewakeup/preshutdown/postshutdown)
Version 3.2-3:
- Added donation target (DS214+) and completion
Version 3.2-2:
- Fixed Perl dumping core on DS209+II when suspending scheduler
- Fixed monitoring being refreshed every second when scheduler is suspended
Version 3.2-1:
- German translation by Ralf Bauer (special thanks to him, translating is quite painful!)
Version 3.2:
- Added 'Delayed Shutdown' Plugin enabling shutdown quickly after NAS startup (for experts only)
- Enhanced 'Hosts' Plugin by allowing ICMP and TCP pings
- Redesigned 'Suspend' Plugin to allow immediate or delayed shutdown
- Show hibernation status in Monitoring page
Version 3.1-1:
- Fixed daylight saving glitch
- Donators grid columns takes full width
- Fixed 'Connection' plugin displaying IPv4 in hexadecimal

Version 3.1:
- Added 'Hosts' Plugin enabling shutdown once all specified hosts are down (from ping perspective)
- Improved security by dropping root privileges in CGI binaries
- Redesigned log to make sure log doesn't grow forever
- Enhanced label printing in UI by autosizing it based on content
- Fixed bug in scheduler that may lead to a deadlock (no shutdown ever) when using multiple plugins simultaneously
- Enhanced monitoring by displaying details

Version 3.0-7:
(special thanks to Ralf Bauer)
- Fixed Connection Plugin lan_only option always ON
- Fixed Synology language not being used when differing from browser's preferred one

Version 3.0-6:
- Fixed german translations (special thanks to Ralf Bauer)
- Fixed wrong path being displayed during postupgrade (thanks to Ralf Bauer)
- Moved Suspend panel to Welcome screen as it is not permanent
- Added remembering of visibility state of Descriptions in panels
- Fixed UI not reloading after upgrade because of broken cache detection
- Fixed ExtJS locale file not loading

Version 3.0-5:
- Added link to homepage for support
- Finalized configuration upgrade from 2.x to 3.0
- Added wizard when installing and upgrading enabling to disable reporting of errors (not recommended!)
- Added wizard when upgrading enabling using builtin translations instead of user translations
- Improved UI collapse of descriptions
- Replaced german translation by Ralf Bauer's one

Version 3.0-4:
- HOTFIX for UI eating 100% of the CPU since upgrade to latest DSM (hotfixing security issue)

Version 3.0-3:
- HOTFIX for UI eating 100% of the CPU when no schedule is planned

Version 3.0-2:
- German translation by Jörg Waldner
- Translation of country name in Donators list
- Credits inline panel on Welcome page
- Bug #7 - Monitoring reports a "fatal error" after shut down
- Better handling of language selection based on available languages (both builtin and user ones)
- Send DSM notification on fatal error
- Force lowercase language names

Version 3.0-1:
- Fix scheduler dying when entering "mon, tue, thr at HH:DD"

Version 3.0:
- Fixes for DSM 5.0
- Simplified BIOS programming
- Fixed language submission erasing previous messages
- Fixed language submission poping fake error

Version 3.0-pre2:
- Preinstallation check that DSM < 5.0

Version 3.0-pre1:
- Fixed Error 500 when no Proxy

Version 3.0-pre:
- Complete reimplementation of the backend
- Complete reimplementation of the user interface

Version 2.3.8:
- Fixed scheduler failing when 'admin' account is disabled

Version 2.3.7:
- Fix for DSM 4.3 (Big thanks to Icerain for helping through intensive testing!)

Version 2.3.6:
- BUG:
- consider also IPv6 connections (required for Synology Android apps)

Version 2.3.5:
- added 'no shutdown unless no connection exists'
- uploaded new icons (72px and 120px)

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