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package icon DDNS Updater 2
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 2.1-169 Firmware: 4.3-3776 and onward
Last update: 29/01/2017 Size: 1.23 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl
DDNS Updater 2 is a web interface and client to configure and automatically update dynamic DNS host names. A variety of providers can be created 'Out of the Box' by the customizable user dialogues, configurable response codes and protocols. If a protocol still can not set up API compliant, this can be achieved through an additional module. The setup wizard is another new tool with multiple features. These range from the first analysis via functional tests of compatibility with a module up to the completion of a new provider or protocol. New providers or protocols, if the compatibility is provided with a built-in module, can be distributed by import/export function easily via the Community.
Version 2.1-169 - 29/01/2017
- added: module CGI for perl 5.22 and onward
Version 2.1-168 - 26/11/2016
- fixed: update marked as failed, if return code unknown. Shows now a warning and a return text 'unknown return code []'.
- fixed: wrong display of collapsed panel title 'groups' in firefox >= version 49?
Version 2.1-166 - 31/07/2016
- added: provider 'internic.at'
- added: provider 'simpleurl', allows calling of a simple url with parameters for various tasks
Version 2.1-165 - 03/07/2016
- fixed: update for ipv6 hosts could only performed over ipv6
- fixed: online updater handling of special chars
- changed: 'ssl possible' to 'ssl only' for provider 'inwx'
- changed: update server for provider 'spdns.de' from 'update.spdns.de' to 'update.spdyn.de'
- added: provider 'unoeuro.com' (please test)
- added: minimally darker theme for DSM 6.0, is controlled automatically via the theme settings in the control panel
Version 2.1-163 - 06/05/2016
- added: provider 'inwx'
Version 2.1-161 - 21/04/2016
- fixed: fake ip update, if http response error occured
- fixed: some gui bugs
- added: 'keepalive-time' and 'tcp-nodelay' for the update connection
Version 2.1-160 - 05/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
- fixed: grouping of hosts, if grouping not active
Version 2.1-159 - 20/01/2016
- fixed: export of desired configurations using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: not quite correct status variable handling caused errors using perl 5.8.6
Version 2.1-158 - 16/01/2016
- fixed: synchronize with ip from a known host or domain using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: online updater using perl 5.8.6
Version 2.1-157 - 21/12/2015
- fixed: provider 'freedyn.de' again, the guys from freedyn.de don't know what they do
- fixed: http request method 'post' was not fully implemented
- fixed: update of ipv4 and ipv6 of the same host
- fixed: passwords with special characters, particularly '$', were not processed correctly
- fixed: api behavior, some providers send http code beside return code to indicate a error
- added: online updater for provider, protocols, response codes, sites and modules (beta)
- added: provider 'pleskdyndns'
- added: provider 'zonomi.com'
- added: support to synchronize with ip from a known host or domain
- added: versioning and timestamp of the last change for providers, protocols, response codes and ip check urls
- added: selection of desired configurations for export/backup
- changed: 'force update interval' of provider 'afraid.org', 'selfhost.de' to 0 (deactivated), 'freedyn.de' to 179 and 'goip.de' to 364 days. Please change this interval in every host configuration, that uses one of these protocols, manually
- updated: provider 'goip.de'
Version 2.0-145 RC2 - 14/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
Version 2.0-144 RC2 - 02/06/2015
- fixed: provider 'freedyn.de'
- added: provider 'dynv6.com' (created by ArndKornatz)
Version 2.0-143 RC2 - 31/05/2015
- fixed: not all field name descriptions were available
- added: separate update server and ip tag for IPv6, now only one provider and/or protocol is required, changed provider 'regfish' to fit this, please delete the old providers 'regfish.de_ipv4', 'regfish.de_ipv6' and protocols 'regfish_ipv4', 'regfish_ipv6' manually
- added: provider 'dynu.com'
- added: provider 'domopoli.de'
- added: provider 'domains.google.com'
- added: provider 'enomcentral.com'
- added: provider 'freedyn.de'
- added: provider 'myonlineportal.net'
- added: provider 'nsupdate.info'
- added: provider 'udmedia.de'
- added: provider 'xlhost.de'
Version 2.0-141 RC2 - 21/05/2015
- fixed: a security issue regarding application privilege
- fixed: small problems with wizard
- fixed: dsm internal ip get method sometimes returns, now the external method is used as a fallback
- fixed: protocol 'cloudflare2'
- added: provider 'goip.de'
- improved the anonymization of debug log
Version 2.0-137 RC1 - 07/05/2015
- fixed: ssl checkbox showed not always the correct state
- fixed: sort direction and column of the gui were not be saved
- fixed: creation of more than 11 host entrys
IMPORTANT: If you already had problems during the creation of more than 11 hosts, you should apply the following procedure after the update before you create a new host:
stop DDNS Updater, a full backup must be made and with the option 'remove all existing records' imported back immediately, then all hosts need to be updated by starting DDNS updater.
- added: package creation - it is now possible to put individual provider, protocols, response codes and ip check urls together in one tgz compressed package file
- added: possibility to backup and restore the configuration via DSM Backup & Replication
- added: optionally removing of configuration during uninstall
- added: possibility to assume the performed configuration despite errors in the module-assistant
- added: provider 'variomedia.de'
- changed: 'minimum interval' and 'minimum interval after an error' to 10 minutes for provider 'zoneedit' (thx to Tensai)
Version 2.0-133 beta - 22/04/2015
- fixed: mx host will not be updated
- added: offline mode if diskstation shuts down/restarts
- added: execution of offline script after offline mode is active (only if diskstation shuts down/restarts)
- added: execution of a script after successful update of a host (except on shutdown)
Version 2.0-129 beta - 16/04/2015
- fixed: backup of configuration in DSM 4.3
- fixed: background color of internal notification in DSM 4.3
- fixed: background color of group list does not fill full height of app window
- fixed: debug mode shows same timestamp on every entry
- fixed: daemon does not update if public ip changed
Version 2.0-127 beta - 12/04/2015
- fixed: debug mode
- fixed: some language texts and missed translations
- fixed: status update was not performed in a timely manner (can still happen, i'm still testing)
- fixed: offline mode and the resulting false messages in the log
- fixed: execution using perl 5.8.6
- fixed: wrong group content has been displayed after a status update
- removed: field 'host' from provider and protocol 'zoneedit' (thx to Tensai)
- removed: verification if host exists on creation, thus IPv4 and IPv6 hosts can now coexist, the user must ensure himself for duplicate hosts,
IMPORTANT: the internal file structure of the configuration has changed. To update the internal file structure, stop DDNS Updater, a full backup must be made and with the option 'remove all existing records' imported back immediately, then all hosts need to be updated by starting DDNS updater.
- reworked import routine
- added: DSM notify on errors
- added: data consistency check with logging after import
- added: automatic adjustment of host or provider configuration, if the provider or protocol name has been changed
Version 2.0-120 beta - 02/04/2015
- first public beta

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