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package icon Init 3rdparty
Developer: itari/QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 1.9-003 Firmware: 4.0-2198 and onward
Last update: 27/02/2017 Size: 194.56 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
additional dependencies: PHP
Initialization of the system HTTP service to use PHP in 3rd party applications. Additionally PHP info and a simple PHP configuration and switch form will be available. ** Init 3rdparty v1.5 for DSM prior to 4.0-2198 is still available by visit the link 'Help & How-To' **
Version 1.9-003 - 24/02/2017
- changed: use of an more recent method to start php-fpm (only DSM 6.0 and onward)
Version 1.9-002 - 18/02/2017
- fixed: an installed PHP version 5.6 is no longer absolutely necessary for the execution, every valid PHP version to be installed by package is sufficient (only DSM 6.0 and onward)
Version 1.9-001 - 17/11/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.1 beta 1
- changed: PHP configuration contains a combobox now to select the active PHP backend (PHP backend must be installed and started)
- changed: PHPinfo and PHPconfig icons
- changed: new minimum DSM version is now 4.0-2198
- added: Pretty PHPinfo tool (MIT license) https://github.com/SynCap/PHP-Info
Version 1.8-007 - 25/04/2016
- fixed: authentication with Google OAuth could not be performed
Version 1.8-006 - 21/03/2016
- adjustments to be more compatible with DSM 6.0 and to prevent the alert in the security advisor
Version 1.8-005 - 05/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
Version 1.8-004 - 10/01/2016
- fixed: unsuccessful installation in DSM 4.3 and older
Version 1.8-003 - 09/01/2016
- fixed: start in DSM 5.0/5.1 due to missing php timezone string
Version 1.8-002 - 03/11/2015
- fixed: broken install in DSM 4.3 and older
Version 1.8-001 - 20/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
Version 1.7-003 - 09/11/2014
- fixed: SYS-Apache could not start in DSM 5.1
Version 1.7-002 - 14/04/2014
- fixed: Init 3rdparty does not start after upgrade to DSM 5
Version 1.7-001 - 29/03/2014
- fixed: php conf app and php info not shown
- fixed: log not showing all actions
- final version for DSM 5.0
Version 1.7 - 23/01/2014
- changed: configuration and scripts compatible to DSM 5.0
- start and stop enabled again due to changes in DSM 5.0
Version 1.6 - 28/12/2013
- changed: configuration will be now embedded, only one line in httpd.conf-sys
- changed: problems due to restart of apache-sys during activation, now use the dsm feature, no manual start or stop required
- removed: unnecessary parts in php.conf
- added: missing date.timestamp value in php config for php 5.3 and onward
- added: additional app icon for embedded php configuration inside dsm
- added: authorization check, the user authorization for php info can now be configured via Controlcenter - Application authorization. Can now also be used with option 'Improve protection against cross-site forgery attacks' enabled.
Version 1.5 - 06/09/2011
- initial cph package release, for further details of previous releases see http://www.synology-forum.de/showthread.html?3949

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