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package icon Easy Bootstrap Installer
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 0.5-047 Firmware: 5.2-5155 and onward
Last update: 30/09/2018 Size: 348.16 Kb
Architecture: northstarplus
required packages: none
With a few mouse clicks you can set up a bootstrap for your Synology DiskStation or Router. Depending on availability for the particular model it can be chosen between Optware(-ng) iPKG® or Entware oPKG.
Version 0.5-047 - 30/09/2018
- fixed: When removing Entware an error was displayed, but it is not an error
- fixed: The directory '/opt' respectively the symlink 'opt' is now also deleted after a faulty installation
- fixed: Manual installation of the missing dependency libunistring for wget in optware-ng (as a fix also by an update of EBI)
- info: Segmentation faults with Optware-ng, solution still open (see https://github.com/Optware/Optware-ng/issues/294)
Optware-ng has currently been disabled for the DS1010+ only. If there are other models, then please write this in the german synology support forum at https://www.synology-forum.de/showthread.html?68335-EBI-Easy-Bootstrap-Installer
- updated: Entware-ng and Entware 3.x became Entware (see https://entware.net/2018/03/01/Changelog.html)
The bootstraps offered by the DiskStations for the Entware-ng were converted to Entware. Only models based on the architecture 'evansport' kept the old Entware-ng, since Entware is no longer offered for x86-32.
The installation for Entware-ng has been adjusted and is now running faultless.
- added: Support for architecture 'armada37xx' (DS119j)
Version 0.4-037 - 29/12/2017
- fixed: Users who do not have an appropriate language for the installation could not install EBI for the new CPU architectures (apollolake, broadwellnk, rtd1296)
Version 0.4-036 - 02/10/2017
- added: Support for architecture 'apollolake' (DS218+, DS418play, DS718+, DS918+, x64)
- added: Support for architecture 'broadwellnk' (DS3018xs, x64)
- added: Support for architecture 'rtd1296' (DS418, DS418j - only 32bit, there is no native armv8 support yet by Optware-ng oder Entware-ng)
Version 0.4-035 - 25/05/2017
- added: Support for architecture 'broadwell' (DS3617xs, RS3617xs+, FS2017, x64)
- added: Support for architecture 'grantley' (FS3017, x64)
Version 0.4-034 - 07/09/2016
- fixed: wrong url and path for architecture 'armada38x'
Version 0.4-033 - 08/06/2016
- added: Support for DSM 3.2 or higher, this is a complete installation with scaled-down wizard functions, because in DSM < 5.0 a essential wizard function is missing. due to this limitations of the package center the availability of a bootstrap and other checks can only be performed after confirmation of the summary (preinst).
- added: Selection of Optware path priority, you can choose between 'Synology before Optware path' or 'Optware before Synology path' (only for optware)
- added: Preselection of link variant 'bind mount' if VirtualBox is present
Version 0.3-029 - 22/05/2016
- added: Optware-ng for powerpc e500v (ppc853x and ppc854x)
Version 0.3-028 - 16/05/2016
- added: Support for architecture 'dockerx64' (DockerDSM, x64)
- added: Support for architecture 'kvmx64' (VirtualDSM, x64)
Version 0.3-027 - 28/04/2016
- fixed: Additional installation of ipkg package for the old Optware ends in an endless installation
Version 0.3-026 - 03/04/2016
- Besides the manual installation of Optware-ng an installation of the ipkg package is additionally performed by the package manager so that an update of the package manager will also be displayed.
This will also be fixed by updating the package, a new installation is not required.
Version 0.3-025 - 28/02/2016
- updated: Feed url of Optware-ng, new location is now http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/optware-ng (see https://github.com/Optware/Optware-ng#attention)
Version 0.3-024 - 13/02/2016
- fixed: Installation could not be performed because of a special character with an incorrect encoding. This only affected users, where the installation was displayed in english.
Version 0.3-023 - 25/01/2016
- fixed: Installation of old Optware iPKG for powerpc based diskstations
Version 0.3-022 - 30/12/2015
- Switched from Optware to Optware-ng (see https://github.com/alllexx88/Optware-ng#description)
# Thx for the suggestion BuFu https://www.cphub.net/?id=40&pid=493#comments #
Hint: The installation takes more time than any other bootstrap, because the locales have to be generated after installing.
Version 0.3-020 - 21/12/2015
- Switched from Qnapware and Entware to Entware-ng (see http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=95346&start=270)
- added: Backup and restore of Entware-ng
- added: Support for architecture 'northstarplus' (RT1900ac, BCM58622, armv7) *** USB stick or SD card required ***
- added: Support for architecture 'armada38x' (DS216, 88F6820, armv7)
- added: User selectable link variant (symlink or bind mount)
- added: Specific support for VirtualBox - whether installing or uninstalling, the VirtualBox folder will remain until you uninstall VirtualBox.
- fixed: In some cases the wrong DiskStation model was displayed in the installer
Version 0.3-016 - 19/11/2015
- Few language text corrections
- added: Support for architecture 'braswell' (DS716+, x86)
Version 0.2-015 beta - 26/10/2015
- Small fixes
- added: Support for architecture 'monaco' (DS216play, armv7)
- Users can now choose between disabling (rename) or complete removal of existing bootstraps before installing
Version 0.2-014 beta - 03/10/2015
- added: User selectable deactivation (not removal) of nearly all old bootstrap types before the installation is performed. The package manager source directory (@optware or @qnapware) will be renamed, all other configuration files are removed.
- Installation is now possible if a folder or symlink /opt or /volume(x)/@optware exists and don't owned by a active package manager. With a user selectable option the existing /opt or /volume(x)@optware will be integrated into the package manager directory or renamed to opt_#timestamp# resp _optware_#timestamp#.
- fixed: rc.local code to create symlink based on installed volume
- Further optimizations
Version 0.2-013 beta - 30/08/2015
- added: Possibility to backup and restore the bootstrap folder @optware or @qnapware via DSM Backup & Replication
Version 0.2-012 beta - 29/08/2015
- added: Optionally removing of bootstrap during uninstall
Version 0.2-011 beta - 27/08/2015
- fixed: Small bug, that prevent install of Entware without error
Version 0.1-010 beta - 26/08/2015
- added: Advanced prerequisite checks
- added: Extra checks after download and install
- added: Support to install on the selected volume
- fixed: Wrong path typo on install of Entware
- fixed: rc.local code
Version 0.1-009 beta - 22/08/2015
- First public beta

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