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package icon Zarafa for Home
Developer: vbettag, fbar...
Publisher: TosoBoso via ...
Version: 0.7.5 Firmware: 5.2-5545 and onward
Last update: 14/05/2018 Size: 7.17 Mb
Architecture: cedarview avoton evansport alpine alpine4k x86 bromolow braswell apollolake
required packages: MariaDB, Perl
Zarafa4h is end of live; consider migrating to Kopano4s. Zarafa provides an open E-mail and groupware platform that can be used as a drop-in Microsoft Exchange replacement. It can be run via Docker or Debian-Chroot using pre-packaged binaries. With Webmeetings Zarafa enters into Unified Communications. Note building or removing all packages takes significant time.
[2018-05-13 v0.7.5 [ZCP 7.2.6, WebApp 2.2.1, Z-Push 2.4.1 EOL consider migrating to kopano4s]
[2018-03-04 v0.7.4 [reworked acls all mounts incl. spool and new mounts for spam-av, fetchmail GUI]
[2018-02-18 v0.7.3 [install selection docker-nw host (experimental) vs. bridge (default)]
[2018-02-17 v0.7.2 [added docker-nw host, replaced orphand downloads, z-push 2.3.9, reverse proxy dirs]
[2017-11-26 v0.7.1 [shrinking Docker image: custom postbuild for webmeetings, coturn and other pkgs]
[2017-11-19 v0.7.0 [zarafa-licensed in ZCP 7.2.6 supporting zarafa-client, migration tools via mapi]
[2017-10-22 v0.6.9 [z-push /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml, fixed pull image at pre-install issue]
[2017-10-08 v0.6.8 [postfix spool mounted, SSL Syno sync & SSL for ICAL, IMAP, GUI for Mail-Queue]
[2017-09-30 v0.6.7 [dS 218+/718+ apollolake support, Syno-Api to pull images: no timeout error]
[2017-09-24 v0.6.6 [option keep ZCP 7.2.1 with Z-Client support, alias GUI, ZCP 7.2.4 & Z-Push 2.3.8]
[2017-09-10 v0.6.5 [advanced ACL, cfg GUI, exit msg to docker when mounts or services failing]
[2017-06-18 v0.6.4 [php upload and post max as per main.cf message_size_limit, ACL attachments]
[2017-06-11 v0.6.3 [z-Push adjustments for repository install from http://repo.z-hub.io/z-push]
[2017-06-05 v0.6.2 [socket & PID adjustments for ZCP 7.2.2, UI enhancements for device managment]
[2017-05-21 v0.6.1 [ZCP, WebApp 2.2.1 community edition final EOL, Z-Push 2.3.6]
[2017-05-07 v0.5.6 [ZCP 7.1 based on community edition, refactored GUI for DSM 6 with no cgi.pm]
[2016-10-23 v0.5.5 [stable release with zarafa-replication and admin GUI for user, cmd, logs]
[2016-09-18 v0.5.4 [fetchmail added, config by instal-menu or zarafa-fetchmail / -postfix cmd]
[2016-07-21 v0.5.3 [fixed syslog and postfix init-script for docker (no access to /proc/$pid)]
[2016-05-01 v0.5.2 [z-push ActiveSync issue fixed, initial admin GUI]
[2016-04-02 v0.5.1 [change in some zarafa download urls, download verification before install]
[2016-03-28 v0.4 [container chg to support some plugins (spam, pwd), MySql backup and tuning]
[2016-03-13 v0.3 [postfix in box (mailserver integration WIP), DSM 6.2 adjustments, mbox locales]
[2016-01-24 v0.2 [initial stable beta for docker and chroot, issues with webmeeting starting][2015-11-01 v0.1 [initial aplha release using fbartels Docker package; admin gui to come]

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