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package icon Growler
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 0.7-059 Firmware: 4.0-2166 and onward
Last update: 19/02/2017 Size: 1.24 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl
Growler provides an interface for applications which send notifications in Growl-UDP (GrowlTalk) or Growl-GNTP (Growl Notification Transport Protocol) format. Unlike Growl and Growl for Windows, Growler use the built-in DSM notification. The functionality is similar to the desktop applications, but due to limitations of the DSM notification system, a few functions are not available (eg sticky, priority ..). The function of forwarding of notifications can be performed with the application Notification Forwarder (formely known as Network notifier).
Version 0.7-059 - 19/02/2017
- added: module CGI for perl 5.22 and onward
- added: minimally darker theme for DSM 6.0, is controlled automatically via the theme settings in the control panel
Version 0.7-058 - 17/03/2016
- fixed wrong permissions of config for pseudo class names and app icons in DSM 6.0
- fixed send of notifications with html entities in DSM 6.0
Version 0.7-057 - 05/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
Version 0.7-056 - 20/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
Version 0.7-055 - 05/09/2015
- fixed config for pseudo class names of registered growler app icons, notifications of growler apps showed only "The message is no longer available" in DSM tray
Version 0.7-054 - 31/07/2015
- fixed config for pseudo class names of registered growler app icons, growler crashes on start due save of a non existent app icon
Version 0.7-053 - 14/05/2015
- fixed config for pseudo class names of registered growler app icons, existing entries were mistakenly overwritten each registration
Version 0.7-052 - 03/05/2015
- changed resource handling, can now fully handle x-growl-resource for application- and notification icons
- added reset of notification color through context menu
- added possibility to backup and restore the configuration via DSM Backup & Replication
- added optionally removing of configuration during uninstall
Version 0.7-050 - 28/04/2015
- fixed color tag only submitted, if a color for the notification type is set
- fixed urls and cache behavior in conjunction with pseudo class names, the app icon and title now displaying in DSM tray notifications
- fixed growler could not be stopped in most cases (DSM 5.x), since the behavior of killall from busybox has changed
- update authorization check to work with DSM 5.x
- moved language dependent texts to directory 'texts'
- changed notification icons now display the default application icon, if no notification icons submited by the application. if no application icon available, then the default notification icon will be using
- added new theme colors, only DSM 5.x
- added browser language detection
- added config for pseudo class names of registered growler app icons to display in Notification Messenger and DSM < 5
- added resize of registered growler app icons to 16x16 pixel
Version 0.6-042 - 20/07/2013
- fixed authorization check to make it work well in DSM 4.3beta
- fixed missing semicolon at end of udp try block
- fixed the color tag must be inserted without quote to work with DSM notification system
- fixed single- and double quotes in notification, resulted in truncated text
- fixed missing scroll bars in some dialogs
- added protocol field 'X-Recipients' is now evaluated, thus the receiver can be addressed directly, use [user,user,user|*group,*group]@host to address it.
If 'X-Recipients' is used, the user assignment in Growler will be ignored
This is not a standard feature of Growl, its only available in Growler > 0.6-035 and Notification forwarder > 1.0-178 for DSM.
- added tag ok and error are now set accordingly to the message type
Version 0.6-035 - 03/05/2013
- fixed loadmask in Safari and Chrome does not disappear
- fixed load of resource if resource not available, using default icon now
- fixed https load of resources
- fixed line height of grid
- changed theme and colors to match DSM 4.x (a little bit more)
- using ExtJS
- using some ExtJS 3.4.0 fixes
- added dependency to perl
Version 0.5-028 - 15/09/2012
- added new method to check whether the user has the permission to use this app, configuration can be made through Control Panel - Application Privileges
- fixed small bugs
Version 0.5-026 - 02/09/2012
- growld: fixed array of users not working, if user assignment deleted
- growld: fixed username with utf8 chars
- added missing language texts
Version 0.5-022 - 28/08/2012
- growld: fixed disabled notification still appears
Version 0.5-020 - 26/08/2012
- growld: fixed bug if application list not exists
Version 0.5-019 - 22/08/2012
- growler: added function to select destination user for a application
Version 0.5-017 - 21/08/2012
- added part of the start-stop-status script to install system specific avahi config
(This is especially useful for Apple users to obtain information about the GrowlServer via bonjour)
- added firewall and traffic control setting in the list of build-in applications
Version 0.4-016 - 19/08/2012
- growler: added function to set the color of the notifications text (as a substitute for the lack of icons)
Version 0.4-014 - 18/08/2012
- growler: added function to toggle between enable/disable of the notifications
Version 0.4-012 - 17/08/2012
- growler: optimized logfile load
- growld: changed config option handling
Version 0.4-010 - 16/08/2012
- initial package creation
Version 0.4-009 - 14/08/2012
- growld: added config options
- growler: added notification list
- changed name to Growler
Version 0.3-008 - 13/08/2012
- growler: fixed small display bugs
- growld: added image cache (supports local files, x-growl-resource and http (no https yet))
Version 0.3-007 - 12/08/2012
- growler: added config option forms
Version 0.3-006 - 11/08/2012
- growld: added error handling
- growler: added application list
Version 0.3-005 - 10/08/2012
- growld: added daemon mode
Version 0.3-004 - 08/08/2012
- growld: concating gntp and udp server
- growler: first web gui layout skeleton
Version 0.3-003 - 04/08/2012
- growld: first alpha tests with udp
Version 0.2-002 - 02/08/2012
- growld: first runable gntp server
Version 0.1-001 - 08/07/2012
- growld: first alpha tests with gntp

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