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package icon U.Renamer beta
Developer: Sylvain Grosset
Publisher: Sylvain Grosset
Version: 16.12.29 Firmware: 5.0-4458 and onward
Last update: 29/12/2016 Size: 5.04 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl
U.Renamer is a user interface for renaming files according to their Exif
´╗┐Version 16.12.29:
- compatible with DSM 5 again
Version 16.12.28:
- compatible with DSM 6.1 beta
- DSM 6 correction
- [: =: unary operator expected correction
Version 16.12.23:
- added ExifTool 10.36
- compatible with DSM 6 correction
- no more compatibility with DSM 5
- change versioning to match availability date
- corrected max DSM version

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