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package icon net2ftp
Developer: Synology package maintained at eg-blog.de
Version: 1.00-002 Firmware: all
Last update: 15/05/2013 Size: 3.6 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
net2ftp is a web-based FTP client written in PHP. Lets explain this in detail. Web-based means that net2ftp runs on a web server, and that you use a browser (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla). FTP is the communication method to access files on a remote computer. You need it to access your files on the account given by your provider to host your homepage. FTP is different from HTTP in that it was made specially to transfer (big) files. If a transfer is interrupted, with FTP you can resume it where it broke off, whereas with HTTP you can not. PHP is a programming language that is used to make dynamic websites.
#--------NET2FTP SPK changelog
#--------package maintained at eg-blog.de

#--------This log only shows the changes of the spk versions.
#--------For changes of net2ftp itself visit http://www.net2ftp.com/download/ and select the latest _CHANGES.txt

net2ftp 1.00-002
o added DSM 4.2 support
o contains net2ftp 1.00

net2ftp 0.98-001
o first public release
o set admin login to user/pass: admin/admin
o contains net2ftp 0.98

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  1. Andy+ wrote on Feb 14, 2019 at 10:28 PM

    net2ftp Version 1.00-002 doesnt runs with PHP 7.2 Is possible to get updates? Thanks a lot.


  2. b wrote on Nov 06, 2014 at 08:57 AM

    the directory net2ftp has bot been created in the right place.
    1/ log as root
    2/ cd /
    2/ chown -R root:root net2ftp
    3/ you have to move /net2ftp to /volume1/web
    mv net2ftp /volume/web

    that's all


  3. y wrote on Nov 06, 2014 at 08:47 AM

    I have tried it on DSM 5 : this package doesn't work anymore...


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