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package icon Notification Forwarder
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 1.2-253 Firmware: 3.0-1337 and onward
Last update: 20/02/2017 Size: 1.06 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Perl, Notification Essentials
Notification Forwarder is able to forward DSM notifications through various protocols to smartphones or pc. The following protocols are available: AutoRemote, Email, Growl (UDP/GNTP), LCD4Linux, NMA, PLAIN, Prowl, Pushalot, Pushbullet, Pushover, RSS, SVDRP, TOASTY and XBMC.
Version 1.2-253 - 27/06/2016
- fixed: call of uistrings.cgi analog to notification messenger
- added: minimally darker theme for DSM 6.0, is controlled automatically via the theme settings in the control panel
Version 1.2-252 - 18/03/2016
- changed behaviour of daemon, it now runs constantly and checked at a selectable interval for new alerts. This was necessary because Synology prevents the execution of scripts within /usr/syno/bin and calling external scripts outside of /usr/syno/bin in DSM 6.0.
For this reason, the notification in app badge was also temporarily removed
Version 1.2-251 - 05/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
Version 1.2-250 - 17/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
- Would you use Gmail as email provider, then please use the predefined entry "Gmail" in Control Panel - Notification - Service providers and perform the OAuth login by clicking on "Log in to Gmail". Subsequently please use only the method "DSM Configuration" in the Notification Messenger.
- fixed that in some cases the replacement for synodsmnotify was not copied into its place
- fixed unnecessary quotes around notification
Version 1.2-249 - 09/05/2015
- fixed a security issue regarding application privilege
- fixed false message regarding "synology perl not installed" and therefore no installation possible
Version 1.2-248 - 08/05/2015
- fixed dsm smtp configuration path for DSM 5.1
- added option 'device_iden' to protocol 'pushbullet', put device_id behind api-key divided by a colon (see >> http://www.reddit.com/r/PushBullet/comments/1vof0d/ways_to_get_device_id/ceuaw3t << howto get device_iden)
- added option to activate/deactivate new notifications shown in app badge of notification messenger
- added optionally removing of configuration during uninstall
- added new application- and notification icons for protocol 'GROWL-GNTP'
- added possibility to backup and restore the configuration via DSM Backup & Replication
- changed tranfer of application- and notification icons as x-growl-resource for protocol 'GROWL-GNTP'
- moved language dependent texts to directory 'texts'
Version 1.1-243 - 01/06/2014
- changed usage to debug output, use 'touch debug' and 'rm debug' inside bin dir of notifyd to enable/disable debugging
- added protocol 'pushbullet'
Version 1.1-241 - 19/03/2014
- fixed missing decryption of passwords in daemon
- fixed in some cases the wrong status for pending notifications was returned
- fixed missing lib
- changed to use mail/notify language instead of dsm language for fixed notify texts
- changed autoremote communication to https
Version 1.1-238 - 15/03/2014
- fixed miscellaneous various dependencies in email option form
- update authorization check to work with DSM 5
- update dependencies to work with Notification Essentials
- added new theme colors, only DSM 5
- added browser language detection
- added encryption of destination passwords, each password change must be completed with save, before you can use the destination and test functions
- added license
Version 1.1-227 - 07/12/2013
- added protocol field 'X-Sender' to protocol 'Growl-GNTP', this allows in conjunction with Growler >= 0.7-060 that the destination determine which user has send the notification.
- added option 'ttl' to protocol 'autoremote', default 86400 seconds
- added option 'DSM Base url' to options form, this allow the display of notification icons outside your local network. It act now also as base url for RSS.
Version 1.1-218 - 13/10/2013
- fixed unnecessary url_encode in protocol 'Prowl'
Version 1.1-217 - 03/08/2013
- added protocol 'Email' to notify-cli
- added protocol 'Email' to notifyd
Version 1.0-198 - 04/09/2013
- fixed test mode gave false return status if delivered a non-specified password
- fixed send of utf8 text in conjunction with new 'remove_HTML' function
- added environment debug keyword 'NOTIFY_DEBUG', activate/deactivate with 'export NOTIFY_DEBUG=[0|1]'
- added remove of unnecessary spaces at begin and end of field values
- added progress timer to show pending notifications and auto refresh status fields
- changed icons
- update authorization check
Version 1.0-182 - 19/07/2013
- added protocol field 'X-Recipients' to protocol 'Growl-GNTP', this allows in conjunction with Growler > 0.6-035 to send directly to a specific user@destination, use [user,user,user|*group,*group]@host to adress it
- changed filename for protocol 'PLAIN' and 'LCD4LINUX', there is now the user name appended, eg lcd4linux_admin.txt
- changed message structure for protocol 'AutoRemote'
- fixed save of config don't save status and timestamp for new entries
- fixed use of wrong curl, the internal curl must be used with option -k to connect to unsecure https sites, therefore we got back a malformed status
- fixed missing curl_config for internal curl, new method to get available protocols
- reworked 'save config' to preserve changes from notifyd
Version 1.0-178 - 13/07/2013
* new notify backend in perl - no need for packages Init_3rdparty or Net-Growl, no cronjob
act as auto-daemon if unsent notifications exist (depends on your configuration)
* new notify-cli
* new synodsmnotify replacement to trigger direct execution after a new notification
- fixed authorization check to make it work well in DSM 4.3beta
- fixed save of config overwrites status if it has changed meanwhile
- fixed 'last notification' in conjunction with 'skip notifications older than x hours'
- fixed loadmask in Safari and Chrome does not disappear
- removed protocol 'NOTIFO' (dead)
- removed protocol 'NMWP' (dead)
- moved files into new structure
- added protocol 'Pushover' (pushover.net) and 'Pushalot' (pushalot.com)
- added image support for protocol 'XBMC-HTTP'
- added image support for protocol 'TOASTY'
- added restricted html support for protocol 'NMA'
- added protocol 'AutoRemote' (joaoapps.com)
- added client register for protocol 'AutoRemote'
- added different font color for not active destinations
- added confirm message on active/inactive checkbox: this allow to set the last notification to the current timestamp, to avoid receive old notifications
- added reason if test connection failed
- added dependency to perl
- added switch to enable/disable Notification messenger integration
- change function 'test connection' adapted to the new script
- changed 'skip notifications older than x days' in 'skip notifications older than x hours' to set it more detailed
- changed theme and colors to match DSM 4.x (a little bit more)
- using ExtJS
Version 0.9-091 - 29/05/2013
- fixed wrong translation if the word contained a colon
- fixed misspelling of the Protocol 'NOTIFO'
Version 0.9-090 - 29/03/2013
- fixed grid not shown on Chrome if Notification messenger installed
- using patched ExtJS 3.4.0 to use IE 10
- using some ExtJS 3.4.0 fixes
Version 0.9-089 - 28/03/2013
- nncron.php: added use of combination http(s)://host:port in field 'host' for protocol 'RSS-Feed', default is http and port 80
Version 0.8-088 - 27/02/2013
- net_notifier.php: using application name from options
Version 0.8-087 - 16/09/2012
- added new method to check whether the user has the permission to use this app, configuration can be made through Control Panel - Application Privileges
Version 0.8-085 - 06/09/2012
- fixed hostname sometimes in lowercase
Version 0.8-084 - 02/09/2012
- changed name to 'Notification forwarder'
- added hostname after application name
- net_notifier.php: changed notification types for GROWL-UDP
- nncron.php: changed notification types for GROWL-UDP
- removed password requirement
- forbid use of hostname 'localhost', ' and own server name/ip'
Version 0.8-082 - 01/07/2012
- test with help overlay
Version 0.8-081 - 19/06/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'NMWP' (notify my windows phone notifymywindowsphone.com)
- nncron.php: added protocol 'NMWP'
- fixed missing protocols for test connection
Version 0.8-079 - 17/06/2012
- fixed protocol 'TOASTY' return always 'OK', even if target not found
Version 0.8-078 - 14/06/2012
- fixed start if notification messenger not installed
Version 0.8-077 - 11/06/2012
- restructured
Version 0.8-075 - 02/06/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'TOASTY'
- nncron.php: added protocol 'TOASTY'
- index.cgi: added additional code for functions in notification messenger 0.8-072 and onward
- fixed some language texts
- javascript minified to speed up loading
Version 0.8-070 - 23/05/2012
- added use of personal language, if set
Version 0.8-069 - 13/05/2012
- net_notifier.js: added options dialog to customize some values
- added option 'skip_notifications' to skip notifications, if target not available
- added option 'max_age' to skip notifications, if older than xxx days
- nncron.php: fixed empty host for protocol 'RSS-Feed'
- nncron.php: added read options from file
Version 0.7-063 - 10/05/2012
- index.cgi: fixed integrating of new notification messenger 0.7-055 and onward
- index.cgi: added deleting of unsent uploads for notification messenger 0.7-055 and onward
Version 0.7-060 - 06/04/2012
- nncron.php: fixed protocol 'NOTIFO' return codes
- moved config and status file to new location: prevent access from outside, fit configuration strategy in DSM 4, no deleting on DSM updates
- get config and status file with cgi script to prevent access from outside
- changed app icon
- fixed utf8 characters in protocol 'LCDLINUX'
Version 0.7-056 - 03/04/2012
- nncron.php: added protocol 'LCD4LINUX', column based plain text output format that writes only the last message in the file (2 rows)
- nncron.php: convert german special chars (äöü) from utf8 to ascii for protocol 'LCD4LINUX'
Version 0.7-054 - 30/03/2012
- fixed function html strip tags
- added missing texts to language files
- added vars for config and status file paths
Version 0.7-051 - 25/03/2012
- nncron.php: added protocol 'PLAIN', column based plain text output format that writes only the last message in the file (4 rows)
Version 0.7-050 - 24/03/2012
- nncron.php: added protocol 'NOTIFO'
- nncron.php: improved message handling - remove html tags and custom link from notification messenger
Version 0.6-048 - 23/03/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'NOTIFO'
Version 0.6-047 - 05/02/2012
- net_notifier.js: extend tabbed layout to hide tab and tabstrip, if no extension available
Version 0.6-046 - 05/02/2012
- net_notifier.js: changed internal structure and multilanguage part
- added french language (thx to Guigui43)
- added tabbed layout for later extensions
Version 0.6-045 - 31/01/2012
- nncron.php(nma): fixed double UTF-8 conversion of system messages, because they are already formated in UTF-8
- nncron.php: added parameter duration with default value 10000 (10 sec.) to protocol 'XBMC-HTTP'
- net_notifier.php: added parameter duration with default value 10000 (10 sec.) to protocol 'XBMC-HTTP'
Version 0.6-044 - 25/01/2012
- nncron.php: added protocol 'SVDRP' and 'XBMC-HTTP'
- test_connection.cgi: added login check for security reasons
- save_json.cgi: added login check for security reasons
Version 0.6-043 - 24/01/2012
- net_notifier.js: added protocol 'SVDRP' and 'XBMC-HTTP'
- net_notifier.php: fixed protocol 'SVDRP' not send test connection
Version 0.6-042 - 23/01/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'SVDRP' and 'XBMC-HTTP'
Version 0.6-041 - 22/01/2012
- nncron.php: changed decoding of system texts slightly
- added relaplacement for synodsmnotify. This script execute the original synodsmnotify and nncron.php directly, no cronjob needed; hdd's can go to sleep whenever they want ;)
Version 0.6-040 - 15/01/2012
- net_notifier.js: fixed hash dependencies for protocol 'PROWL', 'NMA' and 'RSS-Feed'
Version 0.6-039 - 15/01/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'TOASTY' (not completly tested, no wp7 mobile device)
Version 0.6-038 - 14/01/2012
- net_notifier.php: fixed test mode for protocol 'NMA'
- net_notifier.js: removed default value in field 'host' for protocol 'PROWL' and 'NMA'
Version 0.6-036 - 10/01/2012
- nncron.php: improved protocol 'RSS-Feed'
- nncron.php: added usage of field 'host' as ddns-host for protocol 'RSS-Feed'
Version 0.5-034 - 08/01/2012
- nncron.php: change structure to easier add new protocols
- nncron.php: added protocol 'PROWL', 'NMA' and 'RSS-Feed'
- test_connection.cgi: added protocol 'PROWL' and 'NMA'
- net_notifier.js: added protocol 'PROWL', 'NMA' and 'RSS-Feed'
Version 0.5-033 - 06/01/2012
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'NMA'
- net_notifier.php: change structure to easier add new protocols
Version 0.5-032 - 05/01/2012
- php_addon.conf: enabled extension 'curl.so'
- net_notifier.php: added protocol 'Prowl'
Version 0.5-030 - 03/01/2012
- net_notifier.js: fixed test mode always responds success, even if not all fields filled.
Version 0.5-029 - 02/01/2012
- clean up code
Version 0.5-028 - 02/01/2012
- index.cgi: fixed IE9 compatibilty, now working in dokument mode 8
Version 0.5-027 - 02/01/2012
- index.cgi: removed head.js and language detection through javascript, rewriten simple language detection part with perl
- index.cgi: added IE9 compatibilty
- added .htaccess in folder /data for security reasons
Version 0.5-024 - 30/12/2011
- first public beta release
- net_notifier.php: split into net_notifier.php (cli) and nncron.php (cronjob)
Version 0.49 - 29/12/2011
- added spk scripts
- net_notifier.js: switched to ExtJS 3.4
Version 0.48 - 28/12/2011
- index.cgi: added head.js to speed up loading of the page and to guarantee the correct order of javascript files
- net_notifier.php: added debug-mode
Version 0.47 - 28/12/2011
- index.cgi: changed index.php to index.cgi v0.1
- added language nld
Version 0.46 - 27/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added buttons state enabled/disabled depending on the grid status
- net_notifier.js: added using test mode from web-gui grid
Version 0.45 - 26/12/2011
- net_notifier.php: fixed test mode
- test_connection.cgi: fixed test mode to use with post vars
Version 0.44 - 26/12/2011
- net_notifier.php: added test mode and commandline options
Version 0.43 - 26/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: fixed edit of comboboxes to protect the filter
Version 0.42 - 25/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added showing the first hash / encryption combo for the
selected protocol
Version 0.41 - 23/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: changed saving of the stores
- net_notifier.php: added read of extra status file
Version 0.4 - 20/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added extra status file and store, removed status from config
Version 0.36 - 18/12/2011
- net_notifier.php: changed read and use of config array
Version 0.35 - 13/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added dependencies to protocol, hash and encryption combo
Version 0.31 - 11/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added hash and encryption combo
- net_notifier.php: added sendlimit and lastsend/lastmessage update
- net_notifier.php: added send to a array of hosts
Version 0.3 - 06/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added protocol combo
Version 0.2 - 02/12/2011
- net_notifier.js: added use of config.json
Version 0.15 - 27/11/2011
- initial package creation
Version 0.1 - 19/11/2011
- net_notifier.php: first alpha tests with static parameter

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