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package icon Notification Messenger
Developer: QTip
Publisher: QTip
Version: 1.1-163 Firmware: 3.0-1337 and onward
Last update: 20/02/2017 Size: 983.04 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
additional dependencies: Perl, Notification Essentials
Notification Messenger is an email client like application for the DSM-internal messaging system. The application is useful for support in multi-user environments and in conjunction with Notification Forwarder to send semi-direct messages to mobile devices. Notifications can be archived or saved for later use as a draft.
Version 1.1-163 - 20/02/2017
- fixed the text "attachment" has been displayed, though no attachment exists
- fixed not all HTML entities have been implemented correctly and could interfere with subsequent texts
- added: minimally darker theme for DSM 6.0, is controlled automatically via the theme settings in the control panel
Version 1.1-161 - 18/03/2016
- fixed send of notifications with html entities in DSM 6.0
- fixed send of notifications with text and background colors
Version 1.1-160 - 05/03/2016
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 rc
Version 1.1-159 - 28/10/2015
- fixed save in option form
Version 1.1-158 - 17/10/2015
- adjustments to be compatible with DSM 6.0 beta
- Would you use Gmail as email provider, then please use the predefined entry "Gmail" in Control Panel - Notification - Service providers and perform the OAuth login by clicking on "Log in to Gmail". Subsequently please use only the method "DSM Configuration" in the Notification Messenger.
Version 1.1-157 - 14/05/2015
- fixed field 'from' is empty after delete, archive or recover of notifications
Version 1.1-156 - 09/05/2015
- fixed drafts could not be sent
- fixed a security issue regarding application privilege
- added choice whether the draft is to be processed as a notification or email
- added optionally removing of configuration during uninstall
- added possibility to backup and restore the configuration via DSM Backup & Replication
Version 1.1-155 - 27/04/2015
- fixed text of notification could not be marked and copied
Version 1.0-154 - 28/03/2015
- fixed set status of unread messages on "read" (DSM 5.2 beta)
Version 1.0-153 - 07/02/2015
- fixed missing texts for enu and fre
Version 1.0-152 - 31/01/2015
- fixed hang on start if app name not available (DSM 5.1 beta)
- moved language dependent texts to directory 'texts'
- added filter function, filter values search in subject, message, status, type, from, to and attachment fields
Version 1.0-148 - 09/08/2014
- fixed wrong decoding of utf8, if send as email
Version 1.0-147 - 01/06/2014
- fixed location of php.ini in DSM 5 to detect upload max size
- fixed email options enabled only if smtp parameters were applied
- added option to backup and restore configuration of Notification Messenger
- change behavior of selected row after delete and archive operations
Version 1.0-138 - 19/03/2014
- fixed missing lib
- changed to use mail/notify language instead of dsm language for fixed notify texts
Version 1.0-137 - 15/03/2014
- fixed DSM links in notifications now clickable
- fixed recover old messages let the DSM Notification tray display old messages again
- fixed miscellaneous various dependencies in email option form
- update authorization check to work with DSM 5
- update dependencies to work with Notification Essentials
- added new theme colors, only DSM 5
- added language fre (thx to sank64 from www.nas-forum.com)
- added browser language detection
- added encryption of email passwords, each password change must be completed with save, before you can use the test function
- added more text format functions for send form
- added open notification via context menu
- added new notifications are shown in bold, will be set to read after ~10 sec only if you are in the inbox
- added app notify to display new notification count in app badge, if Notification Forwarder installed
- added license
Version 1.0-120 - 21/01/2014
- added button to remove attachment
- added 'per user' configuration of recipients through an administrator
- added 'per user' configuration of 'email enabled' and 'allow sending of email's in HTML format' through an administrator
- added status bar
- added status and icon 'email'
- added only users with email address visible if type 'email' selected, for the admin email address the one from Control Panel - Notification will be used
- added custom smtp config form
- added encryption of stored smtp passwords
- removed 'valid users' configuration, configuration can be made through Control Panel - Application Privileges
- changed layout
- changed icon now display the application icon and application name if available
- changed toolbar and menu icons
- fixed total count of notifications sometimes display the wrong value
- fixed height and width of message editor field
Version 0.9-093 - 11/07/2013
- fixed authorization check to make it work well in DSM 4.3beta
- fixed loadmask in Safari and Chrome does not disappear
- changed theme and colors to match DSM 4.x (a little bit more)
- using ExtJS
Version 0.9-089 - 06/07/2013
- removed unnecessary sorting so that the user names are displayed regardless of case
Version 0.9-088 - 27/03/2013
- using patched ExtJS 3.4.0 to use IE 10
- using some ExtJS 3.4.0 fixes
Version 0.8-084 - 16/09/2012
- added new method to check whether the user has the permission to use this app, configuration can be made through Control Panel - Application Privileges
Version 0.8-082 - 21/06/2012
- added simple list of attachments
Version 0.8-080 - 12/06/2012
- restructured
Version 0.8-078 - 11/06/2012
- added delete of linked attachments in deleted notifications
- javascript minified to speed up loading
- added alert if using outdated version of network notifier
Version 0.8-074 - 03/06/2012
- added send of existing attachment in "send again" and "forward" mode
Version 0.8-072 - 29/05/2012
- added option dialog to set valid recipients
Version 0.8-067 - 27/05/2012
- extend option dialog "valid users"
Version 0.8-066 - 26/05/2012
- added option dialog to set valid users to start app
Version 0.7-063 - 23/05/2012
- fixed unable to send new notification, if store is empty
- added use of personal language, if set
Version 0.7-062 - 21/05/2012
- fixed wrong variable on app start, cause this var only exists if user set personal language
Version 0.7-061 - 14/05/2012
- added send of notification with attachment to groups
- improved remove duplicate recipients in recipient list
- added deleting of unsent uploads
- fixed combo not close on tab in send form
Version 0.7-056 - 08/05/2012
- fixed ie upload issue, removed C:\fakepath\ from filename
Version 0.7-054 - 05/05/2012
- fixed ie download issue
Version 0.7-053 - 02/05/2012
- improved upload
Version 0.7-050 - 30/04/2012
- added upload of only one attachment
Version 0.7-048 - 28/04/2012
- added navigation through notifications in fullview
- fixed toolbar and actions in fullview
- fixed deleting and archiving of notifications in fullview
Version 0.6-045 - 06/04/2012
- added drag & drop for archive and delete notifications
- fixed Zero-width space at the end of a self written notification
- enable font- and background color in editor, background color ignored on DSM desktop notifications
Version 0.6-043 - 01/04/2012
- added toolbar and actions in fullview
- fixed full view update on action
Version 0.6-041 - 29/03/2012
- fixed typo in english language file
Version 0.6-040 - 28/03/2012
- added recovery for deleted items in trash
Version 0.6-038 - 27/03/2012
- fixed usernames with special characters, removed double utf8 encoding in custom cgi for users and groups
- fixed writing of usernames with special characters in sent notifications
Version 0.6-037 - 25/03/2012
- added grid contextmenu
- added menu contextmenu
- added new function for toolbar actions
Version 0.5-033 - 24/03/2012
- added archive
Version 0.5-031 - 24/03/2012
- fixed handling of user names with spaces
- fixed deletion of the last entry was not successful
Version 0.5-030 - 23/03/2012
- fixed show notification with cursor control
- fixed show day of week for 6 days instead of 7
- added send to more than one recipient
Version 0.5-028 - 22/03/2012
- fixed start with empty notification store
Version 0.5-027 - 21/03/2012
- fixed cursor key navigation shows wrong content
- added favicon
Version 0.5-026 - 20/03/2012
- added english language
Version 0.5-025 - 19/03/2012
- added missing german translations
Version 0.4-023 - 19/03/2012
- fixed pobox menu select first node
- clean timestamp converter
- clean functions
Version 0.4-021 - 18/03/2012
- added key events to gridpanel
- added custom cgi to get users and groups for non-admins
Version 0.4-020 - 18/03/2012
- added custom combobox to select multi recipients
Version 0.3-019 - 13/03/2012
- clean delete mode
Version 0.3-017 - 11/03/2012
- added function forward, reply and send again
- changed date format in grid
Version 0.3-016 - 11/03/2012
- fixed edit mode
Version 0.3-015 - 10/03/2012
- extended dependencies for buttons
- fixed delete in different stores
- added new app icons
- fixed behavior of status icons
- added body masks for different operations
Version 0.2-013 - 09/03/2012
- reorg
Version 0.2-011 - 07/03/2012
- delete old icons
Version 0.2-010 - 07/03/2012
- added waitmessage to send form
- extend save to json
- added extraction of from and linktext
Version 0.2-008 - 05/03/2012
- fixed send notification in html
- added new pobox menu icons
Version 0.2-006 - 03/03/2012
- changed name to notifier (Notification messenger)
Version 0.1-005 - 02/12/2011
- reorg
Version 0.1-002 - 21/02/2012
- initial package creation
Version 0.1-001 - 12/02/2012
- initial commit

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  1. Greg wrote on Oct 25, 2015 at 04:11 AM

    Hi I get an error when I try and same on the screen to go in to select recipients. I cannot send messages from the messenger but testing from the forwarder looks fine.. It's all working on my old NAS with the earlier versions.


  2. Adrian wrote on Nov 20, 2014 at 09:47 PM


    Having this same issue of email smtp test failing.. I have tried with DSM 'notification setting' and user defined with gmail smtp and local smtp (another synology).. same error (SMTP connection test fail!
    Please check the given parameter.
    --Now the DSM configuration part email config password boxes are greyed out and cant even test that option anymore. Anyone shed any light on this? am using DSM 5.0.. maybe this is the problem? I have added users to the valid recipient list.


  3. BlauUmlaut wrote on Sep 11, 2014 at 04:19 PM


    I experienced the same exact problem. I tried applying Gmail SMTP settings within those options. I honestly cannot figure out what I am doing incorrect.


  4. BlauUmlaut wrote on Sep 11, 2014 at 04:17 PM

    I am experiencing an issue with a completely blank error box popping up when trying to send a message to a defined user. I have sent the developer an email via his contact submission portal on his homepage.


  5. Luis wrote on Aug 12, 2014 at 08:41 PM

    I have an issue setting the smtp settings:
    - In Settings under Email configuration I have tried both options and get the following error:
    (SMTP connection test fail!
    Please check the given parameter.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


  6. ERic wrote on Mar 28, 2014 at 03:14 PM

    I have allso the Problem with the message. When i tipe a Name in the Feld "to" and go to the next once the text i typed in is not anymore there and when i would't like to send it the message: No UserName is in the Feld "to"

    help my pleace


  7. Luis wrote on Feb 19, 2014 at 08:37 PM

    @bhotrock: You need to modify your options and add recipients to the recipients configuration.


  8. bhotrock wrote on Feb 06, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    Ok, new problem. When I try to create a new message, or forward an existing notification, I can't enter anything into the TO: field. I can type something there, but when I move to the Subject field, the To field is empty. Click on the dropdown arrow also reveals nothing. I've tried entering a username, a groupname, an email address and nothing will stay in the To field. When I then try to send the message, I receive the error: At least one recipient must be given!

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


  9. bhotrock wrote on Feb 06, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    Just to follow up. After logging out and logging back in, no more error and the package works.


  10. bhotrock wrote on Feb 06, 2014 at 11:14 AM

    I am also getting the "Sorry the page you are looking for is not found" error. I am running DSM 4.3-3776 on a DS-1511+. I have Perl 5.8.6-0003 installed and running. I have de-selected "Improve protection against cross-site request forgery attacks" in DSM settings, security. Running English language. Any suggestions?


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