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package icon Z-Pull-Vmail
Developer: TosoBoso
Version: 1.1 Firmware: 4.2-3243 and onward
Last update: 31/10/2015 Size: 133.12 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: MailServer, Perl
Helper package for Zarafa to maintain postfix settings using vmail user to pull mailbox into Zarafa. Start dependency will repair the Zarafa mailbox settings after each Mail-Server package update.
[2015-10-31 v1.1 [restucture & change su for fetchmail to run as vmail & move funtionality in fetchmail init script]
[2014-12-30 v1.0 [health check logs in system partition, archived logs ui, vmail su special case, tidy up in scripts]
[2014-12-08 v0.9 [enhanced security settings if vmail user already exists ensure to set in login disabled mode]
[2014-12-07 v0.8 [enhanced security settings dagent.log (660) to avoid allowing all users to read write to log]
[2014-12-02 v0.7 [fixed bug with certain options and soft-link in root mode making fetchmailrc empty / un-writable]
[2014-11-29 v0.6 [patching zarafa copy_licensed script for outlook integration to work with DSM 5.1]
[2014-11-26 v0.5 [vmail to run fetchmail instead of root, fetchmail convertion hooked into fetchmail restart]
[2014-11-15 v0.4 [convert fethmail to pass through postfix setting, power-user option preserve my templates]
[2014-11-02 v0.3 [vmail with random pwd; added option for mail-servers spam, virus scan as to forum howtos]
[2014-10-12 v0.2 [initial stable release using synouser cmd for vmail creation as a disabled user]

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