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App details

package icon BubbleUPnP Server
Developer: Michael Pujos
Publisher: winxi
Version: 0.9 Firmware: 3.1-1594 and onward
Last update: 14/11/2014 Size: 1.7 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
BubbleUPnP Server provides new services on top of *existing* UPnP/DLNA devices. Secure and bandwidth efficient Internet access of LAN Media Servers with BubbleUPnP for Android and foobar2000 on Windows (with optional audio/video/image transcoding). Create LAN OpenHome Media Renderers from any UPnP AV renderer (provides on-device playlist, multiple Control Point access to the same renderer). Fix issues of existing LAN Media Servers (discovery issues, broken data, add some audio DLNA compliance) by creating a proxy Media Server. BUBBLEUPNP SERVER IS NOT AN UPNP/DLNA MEDIA SERVER.
- Updated to BubbleUPnP Server 0.9.
- Please note that this package requires Java 7 or higher installed on your DS.

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