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App details

package icon String editor
Developer: Wizjos
Version: 3.6 Firmware: 4.0-2219 and onward
Last update: 21/11/2014 Size: 51.2 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: Init 3rdparty>=1.5
Utility to edit Synology system message strings and mails
21-11-14: Version 3.6
- removed debug: saving changes is possible again
- added support for all known DSM languages

18-11-14: Version 3.51
- corrected images

17-11-14: Version 3.5
- adjusted security issue, now runs on DSM > 4.3
- adjusted some flaws
- added two translated fields

22-8-12: Version 3.1
- adjusted the photostation path to the correct path

9-8-12: Version 3 released.
- Adapted the program to the new DSM4 application paths
- MultiLanguage (ENU, GER, HUN, NLD)
- Not installed applications will not be shown as an option
- Diverse cosmetic changes
- Killed some bugs

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