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package icon AvrLogger updated
Developer: BigRonin
Version: 1.0.4-007 Firmware: 6.0-7321 and onward
Last update: 07/10/2018 Size: 471.04 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: none
AvrLogger logs thermal data from the DiskStation and visualizes it in the DSM. Created plots can be archived and / or copied to a user-defined directory. AvrLogger can be configured extensively. AvrLogger supports time scheduling: If Time scheduling is activated, the hibernating state of the DS will NOT be interrupted.
Version 1.0.4 :
- Added a second search path for the CPU temperature.
- Improved execution speed of plot creation.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on an empty database.
- start-stop-status sometimes misdetected hibernation mode and then displayed an incorrect hint.
- Simple moving average (SMA) rewritten. The filter depth now has no influence on the execution speed.
- OID Error handlig improved.
- Small changes to the GUI in "Avr-Config":
- Integrated the ability to delete the database every time the daemon is started.
- Archiving settings extended:
New: Time for archiving on a daily basis.
New: Archiving every time the hibernation is started.
- Text for the history, which is output after archiving, corrected. Write now, the correct next time.
- Some notes supplemented, corrected.

- If a sensor is not available, then instead of "zero", the minimum value of the corresponding axis is used.
- Due to an error, after a change in "Avr-Config", the values for PWM (fan speed) and i2c-temperature were
hidden in the plot.
- Improved performance in parts of the daemon.
- For system load, instead of the SNMP "ssCpuIdle", the system values from "/proc/stat" are used.

- The day of the week was calculated incorrectly. As a result, the time scheduling has worked offset by one day.
- Fixed an unbound variable
- The icon in the navigation bar now also considers whether the daemon is running AND not only if the hibernating
state is on or off.

- Integrated color picker. Colors can now be selected in a pop-up window.
Integration does not support the use of color names anymore. If color names were used up to this upgrade,
they will be displayed in "Plot-Config" the first time with #FFFFFF and the color must be re-selected.
- Note on "Archiving" and "Plot Copy" added that while hibernating, the plots are not archived and not copied.
- Due to possible misinterpretation of the time window in "Hibernation" :
- If the "Mode" is set to "Off", then the first time defines the "beginning" and the second time the "end" of the
hibernation state in combination with the day of the week.
- If the "Mode" is set to "On", then the first time defines the "end" and the second time the "beginning" of the
active state in combination with the day of the week.
- Added an icon in the navigation bar indicating that AvrLogger is "Active / On" or "Hibernating / Off".

- Note added during an upgrade:
Hibernation mode should be disabled before upgrading, otherwise AvrLogger will not start automatically.
Due to a problem in the DiskStationManager (DSM), AvrLogger can not be started immediately after an upgrade.
The problem can be solved if directly after the upgrade the DSM page is refreshed / reloaded in the browser.
In most browsers, this can be done with F5 or Ctrl-R, or open AvrLogger in a new page.

- Added switch with which the timing can be reversed.
"Off": AvrLogger is stopped in the specified time window.
"On": AvrLogger is started in the specified time window.
- Fixed an unbound variable

- AvrLogger now supports time scheduled "hibernating" and can be configured in "Avr-Config"
If "time scheduleing" is activated, hibernating will not be interrupted outside of the time window.
Please note: Settings are applied "immediately" and hibernating is activated / deactivated accordingly.
- In "Avr-Config" can now, with the switch: "Real time", be selected whether "offline times" should be included in
the timeline and the plot. This only has an influence on "new" values.
- In the Plot, timeline settings and grid changed to a multiple of 5min.

Version 1.0.3 :
- Instead of "/etc/crontab" now "/etc/cron.d/crontab" is used.
- New setting option integrated in Avr-Config. It is now possible to select the Ordinal number (depth) of the
simple moving average (SMA). Higher values filter more peak values.

- Accuracy settings tuned.
- Accuracy settings "low" and "yawn", in addition to the polling frequency, the number of plot values is reduced.
This significantly reduces the CPU load when the plot is updated because there is less data to process.
- Update interval in Avr-Config is now a selectbox. The intervals are now selected in minutes.
- Cron-Job implemented: Plot update and archiving is now controlled via the "crontab".
- Start- / Stop-Scripts adapted to Cron-Job.
- Between the query of sensor data, the daemon now sleeps mostly and is then in "idle"-mode.

Version 1.0.2 :
- Occasionally it could happen that a plot-config change was not detected.
- Signal handler integrates between the daemon and AvrLogger.
- New setting option integrated in Avr-Config. It is now possible to select the accuracy and thus the polling frequency.
This can further reduce the CPU load on smaller DS.

- The HDD averaging was started with an incorrect value and therefore displayed incorrect values in the plot.

- An error has resulted in AvrLogger being terminated when changes were made in the plot configuration.

- Note added during installation that the specified directory is also archive and backup directory.
- A flickering eleminated that occurred the first time the status page appeared.
- New button integrated with which the History or LOG can be cleaned.
- Self signed of AvrLogger (SPK) removed. The signing of AvrLogger now succeeds through:
"Community Package Hub" (https://www.cphub.net).
- Optimized "preupgrade" script. Execution time reduced.
- Plot creation optimized and performance improved.
- In Plot-Options, double colon is removed after the switch label.
- No more temporary files are created and needed by AvrLogger.
- Template "header.svg" removed.
- Screenshots removed from the SPK.
- When archiving is turned "On", "no more" copy of the SVG file is created when the Plot is updated. It is "only" at the
set time a copy of the last SVG file created in the archive directory.
- The talkativeness of the "History" reduced.

- Missing Help Tool-Tips added.
- Small changes to the GUI layout.

- Added the ability to hide / show the axis label.
- Added the possibility to set the font size of the axis labels.
- Added the possibility to adjust the transparency of the plot lines.
- Some default values for the plot changed.
- Interlocking logic implemented for config evaluation and plot generation. Previously it could happen on less potent NAS
that config and plot were evaluated / processed before they were valid.
- Plot will be automatically updated on change.

- Help Tool-Tips integrated for the most important settings.
- Optimized generated HTML code and corrected formatting.

- Occasionally Start / Stop did not work properly. "start-stop-status" rewritten.

- The user-defined directory for AvrLogger is now "only" needed if archiving is to be performed. During an update, the
earlier files are imported and the AvrLogger directory is cleaned up.
- If archiving is enabled and an AvrLogger directory is defined, important data will be saved by AvrLogger during a
deinstallation and can be imported during a "new" installation.
- The start-stop-scripts have been completely rewritten to suit the new behavior of AvrLogger.

- After a config change, the updated graphic is now updated. However, this may take several seconds depending on the
performance of the NAS.

- The config files "log.conf" & "svg.conf" are no longer needed. The configuration of AvrLogger is now completely possible in DSM.

Version 1.0.1 :
- GUI Layout made nicer / more uniform.

- Description changed.
- Structure of the changelog changed.
- SPK is now signed.

- New: Implemented navigation bar.
- Some changes in the start-stop scripts.

- New: Login-Check to ensure only logged-in users can access AvrLogger.
- New: Check if target directory of "SvgCopy" exists.

- An uninitialized variable in init.sh crashed.

- Added "configablePrivilege"
- Added support for SynoToken
- The ERROR log file is now backed up during an update.
- If "snmpwalk" does not return a valid value, the last valid value is now taken instead of "0".

- The "User-Home-Service" is no longer needed.
- WIZARD_UIFILES integrated.
- During installation, AvrLogger asks for a directory in which a folder "AvrLogger" is created to be placed in the file.
- When uninstalling AvrLogger asks if the folder "AvrLogger" should be deleted.
- Some HDD models have not shipped SMART temperature ratings.
- Some cosmetic changes in "messages"
- In some browsers the SVG-Graphics display was not updated in the DSM because of the cache mechanisms.

Version 1.0.0 :
- If only one HDD was installed in the Diskstation, this led to an error in the evaluation.
- Due to wrong file permissions the GUI could not be called.
- SVG graphics can now be viewed in the DSM.

- Initial version of AvrLogger as SPK.

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  1. BigRonin wrote on Sep 14, 2018 at 12:44 PM

    In the version 1.0.2-008 an error has crept in that causes the AvrLogger to exit when changes are made in the plot config. An error-corrected version 1.0.2-009 has been uploaded and only needs to be released.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Greetings, BigRonin


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