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Information for Users

Shortcuts: Tutorial | Additional Settings

So you would like to know what happens from your point of view?

First, developers upload their packages here and provide some infos about them. We take a look at the packages (which does not mean we check for Bugs or Security Issues, but we take a first look to filter anything according to our rules) and push them to our project if we think everything is fine.

The second step is already you:

Put this in the list of your 'Package Sources' as pictured below: (requires DSM 3.2 final or later)

>> https://www.cphub.net


Screenshot of where to input the URL:

screenshot package center

This already was the first and last thing you had to do for now. Every time you open Package Center (or your NAS checks for updates on applications), we are also asked for applications. You will notice a new tab which contains all packages from "other sources" within Packge Center. But you always stay in control: We cannot do anything directly on your NAS (like Apple and Google can with iOS and Android apps) and you will see which application is from Synology and which one from the community. We also provide both beta apps (which will be marked as such) and stable software ready for productive use. How to configure that, will be the next step.

Additional Settings

With DSM 4.1 final, Synology introduced the concept of Beta and Stable ('Release') software-distribution. Which software to see and install can be chosen from within Package Center. Once again, open Package Center and click on 'Settings'. Now switch to the 'Channel Update' tab and select your preference. After editing, click 'Refresh' once to reload the package list.

configuring channels

If you have any questions, contact us:

Note: We do not develop or share our software anymore which was build for DSM 3.2 beta (<1922). Please update your DiskStation to the 3.2 final.