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package icon Jitsi-Meet for Synology DSM-6
Developer: Jitsi team, T...
Publisher: TosoBoso
Version: 1.5 Firmware: 6.2-0 and onward
Last update: 26/09/2021 Size: 614.4 Kb
Architecture: all
required packages: Docker, Perl
JitsiMeet: more secure, flexible and free video conferencing based on WebRTC deployed on Synology via Docker. It extends the official docker-jitsi-meet packages by GUI for maintaining settings and local authentication without the need for ssh-cmdline.
2021-09-16 v.1.5 [Further upgrade & error handling etc-subdirs on new introduced dirs]
2021-09-19 v.1.4 [DSM-7 notifications, etc-subdirs in pkg-cfg & health-check on new introduced dirs]
2021-09-15 v.1.3 [Show DSM-6 vs. DSM-7 at install menu to avoid confusion, suppress --no-ansi warnings]
2021-09-12 v.1.2 [Add mounts in etc-config web to adjust for new release, avoid dockercfg warnings]
2021-04-18 v.1.2 [Beta: Lower privilege mode (root->docker-jitsi) for scripts, UI: DSM7 ready]
2021-04-17 v.1.1 [Avoid loading unstable releases, suppress empty SENTRY variable warnings]
2021-04-04 v.1.0 [Replace latest by real release with option to downgrade, Websockets RProxy warning]
2021-01-19 v.0.9 [Adjust url download check logic OK & HTTP 200 for env, yml files]
2020-09-12 v.0.8 [Health check cmd-line and UI, added Etherpad, Jibri, Jigasi orchestration]
2020-08-22 v.0.7 [Yml files from repo, imprint in jitsi-web, modding-script after refresh]
2020-06-12 v.0.6 [Minor fixes, option to disable welcome page, refresh as ui bg job]
2020-05-23 v.0.5 [Modify nginx to show real-ip from reverse proxy instead of docker ips]
2020-05-21 v.0.4 [Sync public IP, sync Synology Let's Encrypt certificate to Jitsi]
2020-05-16 v.0.3 [Initial stable build with UI to run cfg and jitsi-cli via browser]
2020-05-09 v.0.2 [Moderator user at install and via jitsi-cli added each container refresh]
2020-05-01 v.0.1 [initial build using jitsi-docker-meet repository extending cmds by jitsi-cli]
Roadmap: warning on used ports before container start, room usage logs, Jibri audio dependency

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