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you are not a developer but want to help us anyway?

We are currently also looking for translators and a designer/illustrator. We need some help with our design and images as we are not really good at that. As for translators, we would like to build up a list of people to contact if we need help. This can affect both our website/documents and handed in applications. If you want to help us, please contact us using our e-mail.

Introduction for Developers

You already created an application for Synology DiskStations and want to share it? Great! You want to write one? Great as well. Just have a look at our Ressources and Documents to see what we have to offer to get you started right away and we will be happy once you come back to present us your application.

This is the way it works for you:
First you need to register on our page. Don't worry, nothing will be used anywhere else, it is just for us to make sure nobody uploads a new version of your project or changes any informations. Please contact us via e-mail to get an account.

After that, upload your spk. Our server then will temporarily unpack it and check for information that are important to us, such as version and icon. Those will be inserted into our database. Now one of our team-members takes a deep look at everything, including security- and update-relevant procudures. Providing a good user experience is very important to us. Once this step is taken, database entries and uploaded files are moved to our permanent and public directories.

From now on, every time a user requests our lists of applications, yours will be among them.

Please don't forget us and upload new versions to our system. You are even welcome to upload beta versions at the same time. We will not delete your stable versions - both are presented next to each other depending on the users preferences.

What you get

  • - Stay up-to-date with mails from our project and first-hand information we get from Synology
  • - Distribute signed packages without the need to dig into crypto (read more here)
  • - Get help whenever needed and profit from our fast contact to Synology
  • - No need to think about infrastructure and software updates - we ensure security and stay on track with new features

Guidelines and Requirements for applications

We will not do as Apple and Google can and uninstall, install or do anything else on the DiskStations. But we will remove packages from our database according to the rules specified here and contact you to resolve the issues.

  • - You may not intentionally risk the security of any user.
  • - We publish 'Developer Guidelines' which reflect the possibilities of spk packages. They also specify some things that are specific to our project. You should read and use them as far as you can.
  • - If your package only runs on certain hardware platforms, make sure to upload all packages you created and link them to those platforms using the INFO file and our website.
  • - Clearly specify any dependencies or requirements within the project description and the spk package.

If you have any questions, contact us: