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Synology first introduced the Package Center with DSM 3.2. Since then, we provide software build for Synology NAS. Users all around the world trust us and we deliver thousands of packages every month.

This is a project initiated by users of the German Community (synology-forum.de). We are taking a move forward to freely distribute software while providing security and stability.

If you are an experienced user of Synology NAS, simply put the following URL into "Package Center":


All software is free of charge. For specific licenses, please refer to the packages. By using our URL and downloading software from the platform, you agree to our Terms Of Use.


New web design online - mobile devices now supported

Yesterday, we invested some time to change the templates used on the pages to our new one. It is based on a Rapid Prototyping library with a "grid"-like approach to improve experience on mobile browsers. Our website now scales with your browser, even on a desktop. Older Internet Explorer versions seem to have some issues with the icon font and I do not know if we will be able to fix that.


Posted by Matthieu

Beta and Stable ('Release') software - DSM 4.1

I recently wrote that we support download counters with DSM 4.1. Today I am very happy to say, that we now also support the last new feature of DSM 4.1: Software channels.

On our "Users" site, the instructions to configure this were added. In short, it uses the same mechanisms like Synology.

If the beta channel is selected, you will be presented with all cutting-edge updates of your…

Posted by Matthieu

Download counters available on CPH

I am glad to announce that we are the first package server (as far as we know) to support showing download figures within the package description. Synology introduced it with DSM 4.1 beta and activated it for 3rd-party servers with the 4.1 final.

I hope you enjoy this little help when choosing packages.

By the way: Synology limits those figures to steps of thousands - its not our…

Posted by Matthieu