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package icon Kopano4s beta
Developer: vbettag
Publisher: TosoBoso via ...
Version: 1.17 Firmware: 5.2-5545 and onward
Last update: 09/01/2021 Size: 1.08 Mb
Architecture: all
required packages: Docker, Perl
Kopano is an open e-mail and groupware platform that can be used as an alternative for MS Exchange. It comes via Docker using pre-packaged binaries. With Meet and Mattermost K4S enters into Unified Communications.
[2021-01-09 v.1.17 [Back to SPK archive-type noarch aka all]
[2020-12-31 v.1.16 [Community 10.0.1 replaced kopano-cli, Supported 8.7.17, Default 8.7.16]
[2020-11-08 v.1.15 [Fetchmail and Postfix features: Subject to mail.log, pfloglist: csv output, mail.hist]
[2020-10-30 v.1.14 [Minor fix in init and startup, updated Containers, mail logrotate weekly & pf-restart]
[2020-08-18 v.1.13 [Switch to Debian 10 buster, php-7.3 and core Default on 8.7.14, Supported on 8.7.16]
[2020-03-29 v.1.12 [Upgrade to Default, Fix mount timeout default, filter for logs, logrotate error]
[2020-03-22 v.1.11 [Enhancements Container init, SpamAV, kopano-folderlist, pubfolders, gab-sync]
[2020-01-02 v.1.10 [Deal with different php-fpm versions, enhancements Amavis & ClamAV incl. bg mode plus UI]
[2019-12-25 v.1.0.9 [Enhancements to MySQL and Kopano buffer tuning % patterns incl. kaopano4s-tuning command]
[2019-12-20 v.1.0.8 [Switch to Supported 8.7.7, Community 9.01; Fix logrotate mail/php7.* recursive issue]
[2019-11-16 v.1.0.7 [Integration with Fail2Ban4s. Enhanced error handling container init & DSM5 support]
[2019-11-03 v.1.0.6 [Fix migration edition add user via gui & restore-user, fix Admin-GUI issues show users]
[2019-09-15 v.1.0.5 [Support to run k4s beta on DSM 5.2 for migration, enhancements kopano4s-restore-user]
[2019-08-30 v.1.0.4 [Fix User creation issues linked to store in internal routines, fix GUI image refresh]
[2019-08-25 v.1.0.3 [Fix SSL via kopano4s-init ssl, Admin-UI background jobs backup, restore, downgrade]
[2019-08-18 v.1.0.2 [Scripts kopano4s-restore-user/-downgrade/-migration-zarafa, localize fix for new users]
[2019-08-03 v.1.0.1 [Split Stable vs. Beta nIghtly builds; intro Default Stable; fix to webapp-mdm connect]
[2019-03-17 v.1.0.0 [Fix to z-push issues incl. kopano4s-init mobiles, fix to logrotate init.rc warnings]
[2019-03-03 v.0.9.9 [Refactoring directory structures, beta vs stable images, k4s-init for previous image]
[2019-02-09 v.0.9.8 [Real-ip in nginx access log and php when set in reverse proxy, fix acl fetchmailrc]
[2019-01-27 v.0.9.7 [Added Cron and jobs in /ect/kopano/custom, google2fa plugin, started Report-GUI]
[2019-01-05 v.0.9.6 [Beta PHP 7.2 support for local build only by using mapi.debs from Ubuntu 18]
[2019-01-02 v.0.9.4 [Fix in image tag autodetect to avoind local build, fix setting attachments on fs]
[2018-12-30 v.0.9.3 [Search as optional serice via install menu and admin-gui, removed MariaDB5 dependency]
[2018-12-27 v.0.9.2 [Admin-GUI: encoding pwds in url hand-over, pluginis added to CFG-GUI]
[2018-09-09 v.0.9.1 [Plugins passwd, fetchmail added, amavis user-cfg adjusted with mail-comain]
[2018-09-02 v.0.9.0 [Plugins config preserver in etc/webapp, fix kopano-admin create store in right lang]
[2018-08-19 v.0.8.9 [Docker container with --init for tiny leveraging init.d files incl. kopano-inits]
[2018-08-13 v.0.8.8 [GUI user-admin create store which is missing in latest version, fix in kopano4s-init]
[2018-08-12 v.0.8.7 [GUI to trigger image update, add mdm, enhancements to kopano-backup for migration]
[2018-07-29 v.0.8.6 [Adjust for no cfg, init files rollout (KC-681), dynamic loading of latest container]
[2018-07-06 v.0.8.5 [1st stable build, extended features webmeeting, files, mattermost, fix for locales]
[2018-06-19 v.0.8.4 [Spam-av working incl. kopano-postfix cmds, plugins dagent/spooler disabled]
[2018-05-22 v.0.8.3 [Dagent default with no plugin, enable pid-/log-file in all cfgs, add pflogsumm]
[2018-05-19 v.0.8.2 [Option Migration version for Zarafa import and container with no exposed ports]
[2018-05-13 v.0.8.1 [Initial Kopano4s release on Docker forked from Zarafa4home v. 0.75]
Roadmap: PHP 7.2 for Default / Supported, DMARC, Kopano meet, mattermost, LDAP integration.

 Comments (19)
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  1. TosoBoso wrote on Jan 09, 2021 at 12:43 PM

    I reverted back to SPK type noarch so the package should be visible to all (v.1.17). It turned out archtype x86_&$ was a limitation though by documentation it should not.


  2. Herman wrote on Jan 07, 2021 at 03:50 PM

    Hi, i currently have installed V 1.12 Beta on my nas (1512+, running dsm 6.2) but it does not show a newer version. I can also not find the non beta version in package manager. When i remove and add the cphub.net source i see apps appearing, but a few are missing like kopano4s. What could be the cause? I have installed Maria DB 10, Perl and Docker, so all requirements are good. Is there a reason some apps do not appear on my nas?


  3. kopano wrote on Jan 19, 2020 at 01:16 PM

    all installations failed so far, incl. dockers.


    1. TosoBoso wrote on Jan 09, 2021 at 12:44 PM

      Latest package has postfix ldap support (v.1.16+).


  4. Bart van den Akker wrote on Jan 16, 2020 at 05:41 PM

    The package contains postfix. Unfortunately this postfix is limited, there is no support for ldap database, for example when defining alias_maps.


  5. MarSax wrote on Oct 30, 2019 at 07:17 PM

    and, the docker container keeps closing unexpectedly.


  6. MarSax wrote on Oct 30, 2019 at 06:38 PM

    I am getting this error when I try to create a user. Uninstalled and re-installed many times, but still showing this error in the server.log

    2019-10-30T13:34:46.826779: [=======] Starting kopano-server version 8.7.84 (pid 16775 uid 0)
    2019-10-30T13:34:47.138943: [=======] Starting kopano-server version 8.7.84 (pid 16775 uid 1032)
    2019-10-30T13:34:47.399318: [error ] KDatabase::Connect(): database access error Unknown error code (0x80000007), mysql error: Access denied for user 'kopano'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


  7. Dirk wrote on Mar 22, 2019 at 01:35 PM

    Work like a charm - except the "mobile device management" plugin in webapp. which comes up with an error. But z-push still works and admin gui in DSM also works fine. Seems to be only a webapp problem.


    1. TosoBoso wrote on Mar 17, 2019 at 04:34 PM

      There is a Wiki with documentation how to configure it, migrate from Zarafa etc.: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4S . Yes it runs under DSM 6.2; thanks to Docker the dependencies to DSM versions is marginal.


  8. Jeroen wrote on Feb 24, 2019 at 10:59 AM

    Is there a manual how to configurate this? Does it still works on dms 6.2?


  9. TosoBoso wrote on Jan 02, 2019 at 08:55 AM

    All, to the points: #1 Open Relay, #2 NW bridge, #3 MariaDB5
    #1 K4S as open rely is a wrong assumtion and urban legend as you can easily verify with mxtoolbox.com etc.
    Check /etc/kopano/postfix/main.cf and find the following entries:
    # closed relay: allow localhost for clients sending; add your local nw if needed, extra entries are to deal with IPv6
    mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
    #2 K4S runs in docker bridge mode which is default and still reports as respective server in postfix mode (main.cf->myhostname).
    In postfix there are settings to hide the IP address and only show the hostname so the private bridge IP will not show.
    Note yy hidden feature it is also posible to run K4S in host aka non-bridge mode (/var/packages/Kopano4s/etc/package.cfg->DOCKER_NW="host") but this is experimental and after changin the setting you have to reset and rebuild the container > kopano4s-init reset.
    #3 K4S only needs MariaDB10 but v.0.9.3 is now fixed with bogus dependency to MariaDB5. Essentially this was a legacy from forking of Z4H.


  10. Peter Millington wrote on Oct 16, 2018 at 10:30 AM

    Installed Kopano4s, connected with LDAP, imported emails from 2 older Zarafa servers, Send/Receive/ActiveSync/IMAP/Fetchmail all working. Previously, all DNS/MX records setup to point to home network. I now realised the Container is in a Docker "bridge" network (which source NATs), so when I expose to the internet for receiving SMTP mail on port 25, all emails from internet and local users show as coming from the Docker host bridge address, so I cannot prevent Kopano being an "open relay" by source address filtering. Please can you advise how to prevent "open relay" function? I don't think all local systems can use authenticated SMTP.


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