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  1. TosoBoso wrote on Apr 07, 2021 at 09:21 AM

    == Workaround for Docker cfg & images out of sync ==
    TLDR: run > jitsi-cli old-cfg & > jitsi-cli reset if you see container prosody, jicofo restarting with errors.
    Background: this package loads docker env and compose files from github to stay in sync cfg with docker images.
    However the Jitsi team introduced early april new cfg removing Jicofo component secret without rebuilding the Docker images. Therefore new installs, updates or refresh with this jitsi package did run into issues with cfg out of sync.
    V. 1.0 has a workaround for this: jitsi-cli old-cfg introduces back the missing entry and a reset will apply it.
    New install of v.1.0 runs old-cfg but new installs of v.0.9 or updates to 1.0 might fail until jitsi-cli old-cfg / reset is run.


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