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    1. TosoBoso wrote on Nov 10, 2017 at 07:00 PM

      In short: your observation "forth is potentially disasterous" is invalid as all known uses cases had been catered for and the container is stateless.
      All data is in the database and on file synology system if attachements on FS is used. Even the transient spool had been put to mounts recently.
      Issues with mounts lost, which was due to Synology Docker. had been fixed and if worst case zarafa-reset container is done no data is lost.
      The upgrade instructions are anyway: check queues, shut down service, take backup then run upgrade (btw upgrade always shuts down postfix and queues first).
      Ad 1: any extra install can be done via zarafa-cmdline but will be lost on upgrade. I'm inclined to consider feature request post deployment script where you can put the apt scripting.
      Ad 2: Using latest z4h 0.6.9 build activating IMAP via GUI should work and it now has been extened by SSL for IMAP; I gathered positive feedback please try and validate in Docker GUI ports are exposed.
      Ad 3: I don not understand, If the icons do not show up at all please go for package center and stop / start Zarafa4h; it can hapen it runs but after reboot Pkg-Ctr does not recognize.


  2. Peter Millington wrote on Nov 10, 2017 at 09:06 AM

    I am using IMAP and Z-Push syncs for numerous devices for the connected family.

    Trying to move to a modern distribution Zarafa on Synology DS1513+ on docker, using an (almost) test account. Manually setup Synology LDAP users successfully. However some problems.

    1. Need to use stunnel4 installed via apt-get as my ISP does not do STARTTLS and postfix does not do SMTPS.
    2. IMAPS/993 does not work from Thunderbird (nor does IMAP/STARTTLS/143, though client can sync via IMAP/143.
    3. Zarafa icons no longer show up on main "top-right" drop-down set of management icons
    4. Twice now Synology Docker has 'lost' the file mounts, and zarafa-reset container loses all email data.

    First is annoying, second would prefer IMAPS/993 to work. Third, ditto.
    Fourth is potentially disasterous if I had moved important accounts across. May have occurred on recent Docker upgrade, or container crash/abort. Can someone advise? Can I re-instate mounts by editing the config.v2.json under /volume1/@docker/containers/xxxxxx ?


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